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Most Popular Adult Mopeds in 2022 - Bintelli Powersports

Most Popular Adult Mopeds in 2022

Finding an adult moped for sale online is easy. However, locating a high-quality, cheap adult moped is not. In general, this phenomenon occurs when a limited number of popular scooters are produced, bought by a third party, and then resold at a higher price. Moped fans hoping to avoid the aforementioned issue may want to be on the lookout for discounts related to the following adult scooters in 2022.


Vespa Elettrica 


The electric Vespa known as the Elettrica is popular due to the use of high-quality components and awesome features, such as the Kinetic Energy Recovery System. For those unfamiliar, this system recovers energy that would otherwise be lost during deceleration, which can really come in handy during stop-and-go traffic.


But to warrant the $7,500 MSRP, Vespa bestowed the Elettrica with the following features.


  • Super silent engine
  • TFT dashboard
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Lithium-ion battery capable of recharging in about 4-hours
  • Gets about 62 miles per charge
  • Piaggio electric brushless engine
  • Underseat storage has enough room for a helmet
  • Top speed of 43 mph 
  • Energy saving mode that can cap speeds to 28 mph
  • Maintenance-free engine and battery


As an added bonus, scooter fans can donate $100 directly to The Global Fund by simply buying a red Vespa moped. For more information about the Elettrica, click here.


Segway eMoped C80


Moped fans facing theft related issues on an above average basis may want to invest in the Segway moped known as the C80. This electric scooter for adults comes with anti-theft technology known as the RideyGO! Intelligent System, which consists of the following.


  • Airlock System – eMoped C80 unlocks when a designated smartphone is in proximity to the powersports machine
  • Smart Seat Detection – motor scooter locks when driver and rider get off of the motorized device thanks to pressure sensitive seat sensors
  • Auto-Lock Mode – automatically locks the C80 after a countdown is initiated
  • Two NFC Tags – can be issued to friends or family to make it easier for others to unlock and use the motor scooter


Beyond the anti-theft features, the Segway moped comes with speed customizable autocruise, two-stage central shock absorber, and the attributes below.


  • Regenerative anti-lock braking system recoups energy during deceleration
  • Halo-shaped LED headlight adjusts to environmental brightness and automatically pops up at dusk
  • Gets about 20 mph
  • Has an average range of about 47 miles per charge
  • Front shock absorption


Given how many awesome perks the eMoped C80 comes with, it may come as a surprise this electric scooter for adults is only $2,200.


Honda Navi


The final and most popular adult moped for sale this year is the Honda Navi. At first glance, the inclusion of a 0.9 gallon fuel tank makes this cheap gas powered moped appear to be a bad investment. However, after factoring in the fact that the powersports machine gets up to 110 miles per gallon it is easy to see why the 2022 Honda Navi is in high-demand.


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