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Most Expensive LSV Hub Caps in 2022 - Bintelli Powersports

Most Expensive LSV Hub Caps in 2022

Cheap LSV hub caps are widely available online. Knowing this, owners of Club Cars, Ez Gos, and other luxury four seater golf carts often take advantage of the various deals. But despite the practicality of the shopping habit, the phenomenon has a major downside. 


Parking lots full of used low speed vehicles with similar-looking wheels. 


And although this phenomenon seems somewhat harmless, the effect can make identifying LSV ownership difficult. Street legal golf car owners hoping to avoid this issue may be able to do so by equipping their powersports machines with a set of expensive golf cart hub caps, such as those listed below.


Chrome Flower Wheel Covers


The first low speed vehicle hubcap on our list is the Chrome Flower Wheel Covers from 3 Guys Golf Carts. This LSV accessory actually comes in a set of four, and each hubcap has three different types of “petals”, as well as a bird silhouette in the center. 


That said, the street legal golf cart hubcaps can be equipped by snapping the low speed vehicle accessory onto 8” LSV tires. For more information about this $60 wheel cover set visit the 3 Guys Golf Carts website.


Gold Turbine Style Golf Cart Wheel Cover


Boasting an original MSRP of $109, the Gold Turbine Style Golf Cart Wheel Covers from Rhox are on sale for $50. The reduced price can be paid to procure four, 8” LSV hub caps that possess the following attributes.


  • Weigh one pound
  • Require a flat head screwdriver and rubber mallet to install
  • Have 24 golden spokes


But despite the appearance and name, the Gold Turbine Style Golf Cart Wheel Covers are not made of soft metal. Instead, the goldish hue is generated via paint. And to add insult to injury, the LSV accessory comes with a Prop 65 Warning, which is used to let consumers know a product can cause cancer. So, be sure to take this into consideration prior to purchase.


Wheel Cover 8″ Rally Classic


Made by Nivel, the Wheel Cover 8” Rally Classic hub caps earned the unique product title due to the size, function, and logo of the item. To elaborate, the chrome plated LSV accessory features a black and silver center with two checkered flags. 


Other noteworthy attributes are listed hereafter.


  • Lug nut areas are placed in a pentagon shape
  • Five spokes appear to be cylinder triangle halves
  • Width is 9.25”


Street legal golf cart owners interested in procuring these LSV hubcaps can anticipate paying $51 per wheel cover.


Vampire Wheel Combo


Those in need of luxury golf cart hubcaps and tires may want to check out the Vampire Wheel Combo from Steeleng. This package deal is priced at $170, and comes with the features below.


  • DOT approved
  • A 18×9-10” LSV wheel cover that is pre mounted onto a Stinger All Terrain Tire
  • Lug nuts 
  • SS branded center cap
  • Reported to be compatible with Club Cars, Ez-Gos, and other non-lifted LSVs


To find out more about this non-cheap luxury low speed vehicle package, click here.


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