To the delight of golfing fanatics, Michigan is reopening golf courses, effective immediately. However, for many residents this move may come as a surprise considering the state’s stay-at-home order was extended to May 15th. 

Nevertheless, golfers can once again enjoy their favorite pastime. Let’s take a look at why as well as why patrons are still not allow to drive Ezgo golf cart, Club Car, or any other LSV on the golf course.


Going Golfing Again

Although golf courses are mainly comprised of wide open spaces, there are several areas that are not. For example, there are countless surfaces that are frequently touched inside the main building, as well as golf carts, tees, and flagsticks. 

Fortunately, these surfaces can be avoided altogether. Taking this into consideration, Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan, has opted to reopen the state’s golf courses. 

In a press conference held at the end of April, Whitmer stated: “Individuals may leave their home or place of residence … To engage in outdoor recreational activity”. Whitmer went on to clarify that “Outdoor recreational activity includes … golfing, … as well as any comparable activity for those with limited mobility.”

To supplement this game plan, Whitmer recommended the following.

  • Wearing face masks
  • Paying online or over the phone via credit card 
  • Avoid coming in contact with any public surface
  • Mandated six feet apart as required in social distancing order

As you may have noticed, there was no mention of using golf carts in the press release. Due to this, LSVs, Ezgos, Club Cars, and lifted golf carts remain banned.


Why Golf Carts Are Off Limits

One may think that having your own personal golf cart should be acceptable when it comes to using the device on the course. However, given the temptation to provide a fellow golfer a lift it is easy to see why the restriction is in place.

That said, by preventing golf carts altogether, Whitmer can increase the odds of golfers maintaining social distancing out on the field. Although this cumbersome restriction is somewhat annoying, given the gravity of the situation the request is very mild.

According to Dana Nessel, Attorney General of Michigan, “I just can’t hear about one more black health care worker, police officer or bus driver die while getting a barrage of complaints from white folks outraged because they can’t go golfing.”

After the aforementioned tweet started gaining a lot of attention, Kelly Rossman-McKinney, Communications Director, issued the following response. 

“Irrespective of race, the Attorney General was illustrating the stark contrast between those complaining about the temporary loss of leisure activities like golf while others struggle with the devastating loss of life.”

Be sure to take this into consideration when walking around the golf course.

That said, after learning the golf cart ban is still in effect, Jada Paisley, Executive Director of the Michigan Golf Course Association, remarked “We will continue our conversation with the governor and her team on how this can be an additional safe option.”

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