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May is Officially Motorcycle Safety Month - Bintelli Powersports

May is Officially Motorcycle Safety Month

Motorcycle accidents can be life or death situations. Although there are ways to improve a motorcyclist’s odds of survival, the simple fact is the human body is weak compared to two tons of oncoming, fast moving metal. Due to this, motorcycle enthusiasts are encouraged to wear proper safety gear and be mindful of their situation out on the road at all times.

To ensure everyone takes this vital issue seriously, the month of May is now officially dedicated to raising motorcycle safety awareness. Let’s take a look at how some proactive individuals are participating in the month long event.


States on the Gulf Coast

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHSTSA, collects traffic data to increase safety efforts in dangerous areas. As of 2017, some of the highest fatalities associated with motorcycle accidents were along the Gulf Coast. 

The states in question are Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. Although there is no clear reason as to why these states are so dangerous for motorcyclists, the findings have prompted motorcycle enthusiasts, such as the following, to take action.

  • Eagle’s Talon in Pensacola, Florida graffitied alert messages on common accident areas, prompting drivers to be on the look out for motorcyclists
  • Biker Dad in Alabama raises awareness of community efforts to keep motorcycle enthusiasts safe on an ongoing basis

That said, the NHSTSA offers annual statistics and year round safety advice here.


Motorcycle Participation in Ohio

Ohio State Patrol, or the OSP, is also raising motorcycle safety awareness this month in their state. According to WTKN, one of the state’s news outlets, “79 percent of motorcycle-involved crashes resulted in at least one injury or death”. To reduce the percentage, OSP encourages motorcycle enthusiasts to take ride training courses. 

In a statement issued by Lieutenant Matt Crow, Findlay Post Commander, “Being trained and wearing the proper equipment are two ways motorcyclists can be responsible when riding this summer”.


Advice From a Law Firm 

As you may know, the most common contributor to motorcycle accidents is poor visibility. Although there are a variety of reasons as to how this can occur, one of the major factors may be ride frequency. Based on data collected from common lawsuits, Stark and Stark speculates the reason motorists are unlikely to see or look for motorcycles is winter. 

Namely, Harley Davidsons, Kawasakis, Yamahas, and other sports bikes are typically not out on the road during the colder months. As a result, not seeing these devices out on the road seems to make non-motorcyclists forget to check for them during the warmer seasons.

To combat this, we recommend the following.

  • Avoid driver blind spots
  • Wave to drivers to ensure visibility
  • Maintain distance from other vehicles
  • Honk to announce approach
  • Never ride on the yellow line between cars
  • Stay away from semi-trucks as much as possible

In addition, consider driving close to the yellow line at night. Doing so makes motorcycles look like a larger vehicle with one headlight or taillight out. Since drivers are accustomed to seeing this and providing ample room for said vehicle, it may reduce motorcycle related accidents.

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