Since 1968, Mattel has produced popular toy cars known as Hot Wheels. In case you are not familiar, these diecast toys are scaled down versions of larger automobiles. Although these miniature models lack an engine and other components that are too hard to scale down, the toys are very popular among people of all ages.


Leveraging this popularity, SUPER73 teamed up with Mattel to produce a limited edition Hot Wheels ebike. Find out more about the rare electric bicycle down below.


Hot Wheels Electric Bike


Dubbed the Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX, this unique e bike was only replicated 24 times. As a result, the electric bicycle became an instant collectible, and SUPER73® was able to contribute to the Hot Wheel history in a novel, interesting way. 


That said, the rarity level of an e bike only reflects how many times a device was produced, and relays little in regards to the quality of the object. So, let’s take a closer look at the Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX, starting with the exterior features.


  • Yellow tinted headlight produces 600 lumens
  • Custom seat is embroidered
  • Saddleman handlebar pad is branded with the Hot Wheels logo
  • Crankbrother pedals
  • 20” BDGR fat tires are 5” wide 
  • Bronze rims
  • Taillight/brake light
  • Horn
  • LCD display
  • Four piston-forged aluminum calipers
  • 80 lb alloy frame has blue and orange segments as well as the Hot Wheels brand
  • Inverted coil spring fork suspension
  • Half mudguard in the back


As a whole, the appearance of the e bicycle is pretty delightful.


But with an asking price of $5,000 it is unlikely a Hot Wheel fan would procure the expensive ebike purely based on the exterior. Taking this into consideration, SUPER73® sweetened the deal by ensuring the Hot Wheels ebike came with the following.


  • Multiple ride mode options that cater to location based speed regulations
  • 960 watt battery
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Cables stored within the frame
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Super thick brake rotors capable of improved braking and heat redistribution
  • Tektro brake system
  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Remote wireless updates
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Anti-theft security


Given the impressive list above, it is easy to see that SUPER73® put a lot of effort into producing the limited edition electric bicycle. 


Hot Wheels Ebike Performance


Although the Hot Wheels e Bike is marketed as a “street legal electric motorbike”, the device has working pedals. Therefore, it is an ebike. Between this physical distinction, and the location based speed caps, no additional licensure or registration is usually required to operate the device. As for performance, the Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX produces decent metrics, even in the lowest setting.


  • Without pedaling, the electric bike can cover roughly 40 miles per charge
  • Max speed is 20 mph
  • Using pedal assist cyclists can go about 75 miles per charge
  • Weight limit of 325 lbs
  • Height restriction between 5’3” and 6’8”


Cycling enthusiasts and Hot Wheels fans hoping to behold the limited edition e bike may do so at this link.


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