If someone suggested riding an electric bike on a lake, you would likely think they were joking. After all, more momentum is needed to glide across the surface level than the average person is capable of. 

Not to mention the hungry depths below are a real threat to your e bicycle when you start to slow down. Yet, despite how far fetched a water ebike sounds, they actually exist.


Manta5 Hydrofoil Ebike

Equipped with a deep water launch feature, the Manta5 is a sight to behold. On the outside, it looks like a weird jet ski with a motor pointed the wrong way. But underneath the unusual exterior is a novel boat, airplane, and e bike combo, capable of letting riders bike on water.

Riders who have been able to get their hands on a Manta5 report that riding the device is akin to using electric mountain bikes. Which makes sense. The device offers similar dexterity, is equipped with a rechargeable battery, pedal assist, and requires about the same amount of physical effort.


How the Manta5 Works

As with all ebikes, once you start pedaling it gets easier to maintain your momentum. And although the Manta5 is no exception to this observation, how the water e bicycle manages to achieve this differs from those used on land. 

See, once riders start rotating the pedals, water is forced along the wing like panels in the front and back. This disturbance creates enough lift to force the water e bicycle to rise almost completely out of the water. As a result, riders will notice the effect ends up making it easier to maintain the ebike’s top speed of 12 mph.

Once you are done riding for the day, the Manta5 is light enough to be carried by hand and can be dismantled to a size that fits into most vehicles. That said, the water e bicycle is not a folding electric bike. Riders will need to use tools to make the device smaller. 

And although this is a shame considering how awesome the water ebike concept is, there is always the possibility the company will add the functionality to later models. 

According to the company’s website, batches of pre-ordered Manta5 Hydrofoil Bikes are being released every month. That said, these selective, scheduled deliveries are only available on a first come, first serve basis. 

So, if you are looking at unique e bikes for sale, and have an extra $7,500, act fast.


Other Beach Friendly Devices

From electric tricycles to electric mini bikes, most electric powered devices can be prepped for riding on the beach, even those you find for sale in Charleston, South Carolina. Readers interested in procuring a cheap electric bike for such purposes my want to look into getting an electric dirt bike for adults as these typically work well on most ground based terrains.

But when it comes to biking on water, the electric assist bike known as the Manta5 Hydrofoil Ebike is the only e bicycle up to such a grueling task.

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