The Indian Motorcycle Manufacturer brand came into existence back in 1901. Since then, the logo underwent a name change, bankruptcy, and multiple revival attempts. Yet, despite these setbacks, the Indian brand has endured. Find out why and a bit more about 2021 Indian motorcycles down below.


Indian Motorcycle Manufacturer


A quick search for “Indian motorcycles near me” reveals two astonishing details. One, Indian motorcycles are expensive, and two, old school Indian motorcycles often still work. Given the clear longevity of these motorcycles, it is simply a no-brainer as to why sport bike fans swoon over the idea of owning one.


Now that we know why Indian motorcycles are highly-coveted, let’s take a look at a few models.


Oldest Indian Motorcycle


Two years after the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturer started operating, a truly unique event unfolded. The company in question produced a motorcycle that was destined to be auctioned off in April of 2012. 


In case you are not familiar with the event, the auction featured an original, unrestored 1903 Indian Motorcycle. This arguably one-of-a-kind Indian motorcycle sold for $155,000.


2021 Indian Motorcycles


The odds of another century old Indian bike being found is miniscule at best. Nevertheless, sports bike fanatics can obtain a Indian motorcycle if they want to. The aforementioned feat is feasible thanks to Polaris, which is the latest company to buy the Indian motorcycle brand. 


Under Polaris leadership, the powersports manufacturer hopes to make Indian motorcycles as popular as Harley Davidson. To achieve this goal, Polaris designed 2021 Indian Motorcycles to look like the original models, and then packed the devices with loads of modern features. 


Find out more about the motorcycle models down below.


Indian FTR


Originally known as the FTR1200, the new Indian motorcycle variation can be comfortably drove on, and off, the road. This trait is possible due to the flat tracker design of the FTR, as well as the following features.


  • V-Twin, liquid-cooled, 1203cc engine
  • 120 HP
  • 85 lbs of torque per feet
  • Dual 320mm brakes
  • Gas tank under low seat


For more information about this gas powered motorcycle, go here. Starting price is $13,000.


Indian Scout


Motorcycle enthusiasts hoping to obtain a cheap Indian motorcycle may want to check out the Indian Scout. This mid-sized motorcycle model represents an evolution of the original 1920 Indian Scout, and as an added bonus, the sports bike comes with all of the traits listed hereafter.


  • Liquid-cooled, v-twin engine
  • 100 HP
  • 6-speed transmission
  • USB charge ports
  • ABS
  • Genuine leather seat


Prices for the Indian Scout lineup start at $9,000.


Indian Challenger


Clearly, Polaris is taking great strides to maintain the original look and feel of the Indian brand. That said, not all 2021 Indian motorcycles adhere to this conformity. For example, check out the Indian Challenger. This $24,000 bagger motorcycle has a massive dashboard which makes the sports bike a bit top heavy. Other noteworthy features are below.


  • Liquid-cooled, V-twin engine
  • 128 lbs of torque per foot
  • 122 HP
  • Adjustable rear shocks
  • Radially mounted rear brakes
  • LED lighting
  • Supreme wind protection
  • Saddlebags with 18 gallons of storage room per


To find out more about this 2021 Indian motorcycle, click here.


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