After buying a used electric bike, most e bike owners are eager to try the new device out. Although this charming effect is delightful, it does leave e bike owners a bit starry eyed. As a result, many budding cycling enthusiasts can overlook one of the most important aspects of owning an electric mountain or folding ebike. Storage.


All of the best electric bikes on the market need to be stored at some point. To ensure you are able to properly store your electric road bike, or any other model ebike, we composed the following guide.


Storage Options For Hybrid Electric Bike


Regardless of whether you are looking to buy a pedal assist bike or electric fat bike, after purchasing said electric cycle the device needs somewhere to go when it is not being used. For those with ample room, providing adequate storage for an electric cruiser bike may be as simple as buying a floor rack, such as this one. 


That said, not everyone has the same amount of square feet available for storage space. Savvy shoppers that are running a bit low on floor space may opt to purchase a folding e bike. These awesome devices are capable of folding down into a compact size, thus making it feasible to store the ebike under a desk or other less used spaces.


Nevertheless, some of the best ebikes available to-date are not foldable. Ebike manufacturers typically prefer to avoid cutting the main support beam of the electric commuter bikes and e dirt bikes they produce in an effort to improve speeds as well as other factors. 


Taking this into consideration, those that opt to buy a non-folding e bike despite having a distinct lack of space still have viable storage options available to them. One of the best methods is to use an electric pedal bike wall mount. 


Using this, cyclists can keep electric beach cruisers, small electric bikes, or other ebike models off the ground while embellishing their interior design in the process.


Seasonal Riders


To reduce wear and tear on e bikes, many pro cyclists have season specific electric bikes. This method ensures cycling enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby year round without exposing their more expensive bicycles, such as an electric touring bike, to harsh outdoor environments. 


As a result, cyclists typically manage to extend the life of their ebikes and reduce overall maintenance expenses. To utilize this beneficial tactic, be sure to adhere to the following guidelines when storing an electric bike for an extended amount of time.


  • Keep electric trike bike, e road bike, and other ebikes stored in an environment that stays between 32° F and 68 ° F
  • Avoid placing battery powered bicycles in humid areas
  • Do not leave electric powered bikes in locations where temperatures fluctuate frequently
  • Ensure your Bintelli electric bike, portable electric bike, or any other cool electric bike is placed in a dry spot while it is not in use


In addition, be sure to take the battery out of the e mtb, fold up electric bike, or any Bintelli bike.


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