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How to Make UTVs Street Legal - Bintelli Powersports

How to Make UTVs Street Legal

Driving a UTV feels somewhat similar to riding around in a Jeep. Upon identifying this similarity, many utility terrain vehicle owners start to wonder if there is a way to make their powersports machine street legal. If the aforementioned scenario sounds all too familiar, read on to discover how to make a side-by-side street legal.


Are ATVs Street Legal?


Without a doubt, modified all terrain vehicles can be operated on public roads if local and state regulations permit the act. Taking this into consideration, four wheeler fans are encouraged to check their local UTV laws prior to adding any modifications to their gas powered all terrain vehicles or side-by-sides. 


That said, areas where ATV street riding is legal typically require four wheeler owners to adhere to low speed vehicle rules while driving their powersports machine on the road. These regulations often state non-traditional motorized devices can be used on streets that have a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less when the following requirements are met.


  • DOT approved safety gear equipped
  • License plate installed
  • VIN, or vehicle identification number
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • License to drive


Now that we know a bit more about which road-related regulations usually apply to four wheelers, let us take a look at how to make UTVs street legal.


Gas Powered Side-By-Sides


Gas powered UTVs and electric four wheelers are designed to be used off-road. But in lieu of this design, side-by-sides can be used on some public roads if modifications are installed. To get a better idea of what these non-cheap 4 wheeler alterations are, check out the following list.


  • Horn to announce where a UTV is located
  • Head, tail, brake, and turn signal lights
  • License plate holder and light for identification purposes
  • Rear and side mirrors
  • Seat belts
  • Speedometer to ensure four wheeler driver is able to abide the speed limit
  • Windshield and wipers to prevent debris from blinding or harming driver or passengers
  • DOT approved tires


To expand on that last bullet, stock utility terrain vehicle tires are designed to dig into yielding surfaces and use the motion to gain traction. However, when this useful feature is utilized on unforgiving surfaces, such as asphalt, the knobby tread ends up bending in awkward angles, which vicariously leads to ATV tire deterioration and UTV speed reduction.


Cheap UTV Accessories


In general, side-by-sides that are equipped with the modifications outlined above are legally able to be used on some public roads in the United States of America. Utility terrain vehicle fans eager to experience this somewhat uncommon event may want to make their road-related adventures more comfortable by equipping their 4 wheeler with the following ATV accessories.


  • Mud flaps to prevent debris from flying up and blinding drivers nearby
  • Utility terrain vehicle enclosures
  • Temperature adjusting units, such as a UTV heater or four wheeler air conditioner
  • Upgraded powersports machine engine and battery to provide the new modifications with adequate power


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