As with all luxury items, assets are valuable, easy to pawn off, and highly coveted. Due to this, the need to adequately protect your golf cart from theft is paramount. One careless mistake and that Ezgo golf cart or Club Car you paid so much money for will simply be gone.

And even if insurance will cover the loss, the whole ordeal of filing a police report, then dealing with paperwork is a time-consuming hassle. To reduce the odds of having to endure such an unwanted situation, utilize the tips listed below.


Change the Keys

While searching online for used golf carts for sale, worrying about the device’s key and lock design is likely the last thing on your mind. After all, there are so many other topics and items to marvel over other than the item that will end up out of sight most of the time anyway.

However, this line of thinking needs to change. See, golf cart manufacturers tend to use the same key for their locks. As a result, anyone with a key from the same brand can simply jump on your ride, start it, and take off with the street legal golf cart. 

To avoid this, ask for the locks to be changed out. Doing so may seem like an annoying inconvenience, but having the extra level of security may be beneficial in the long run. And as an added bonus, the alteration does technically make your ride a custom golf cart.


Out of Sight

Parking your luxury golf cart anywhere is not a good idea. The longer your lifted golf cart is left unattended out in the open, the higher the odds of someone swooping in and taking it for themselves. So, your best option here is to always lock up your new golf cart.

This can be done by storing the low speed vehicle in a garage, storage unit, or shed.


Use a Golf Cart Lock

On occasion, the possibility of tucking your cool golf cart into a secure location is not feasible. For example, if you ride up to the store or to the beach, odds are you will need to leave your 6 seater golf cart unattended in a parking lot.

To reduce the odds of theft occurring, consider purchasing security equipment designed specifically to protect new golf carts. Ideal devices include the following.

  • Brake and Gas Pedal Lock
  • Steering Wheel Roof Lock
  • Wheel Boot Lock

Utilizing all three devices at the same time will make the task of stealing your custom Club Car, or other brand name golf cart, harder to accomplish. However, unequipping and equipping these devices every time you park can get annoying due to how long it takes.


Extra Security

If you do not want to spend too much time securing your ride, or if you just want another layer of security, considering getting iTrax. This device sends out a GPS location so you can pinpoint exactly where your cool golf cart ended up after a theft. And thanks to its unique design, thieves won’t know it is there.

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