Budding enthusiasts typically learn about 4x4s via a fun pastime. Although there are numerous atv related hobbies, arguably one of the most fun is mudding. In this article, we cover what this is and how to participate in the activity like a professional would.


What is Mudding?


Mudding, also known as mud racing, is a popular off-road tournament. As the name implies, the activity is conducted in mud. Four wheeler riders traverse the tricky, slick terrain in an attempt to cover as much distance as possible before getting stuck. Winner is whoever gets the furthest, and in the event of a tie, those with the fastest times are awarded the win.


That said, these muddy pits can swallow 110cc atvs whole. Due to this, mudding enthusiasts often rely on organizations, such as the American Mud Racing Association, to prepare the tournament. This often includes prepping the ground, setting up the track, and acquiring equipment to pull all terrain vehicles out of the mud bog.


Now that we know a bit about the pastime, let’s review a few pro mudding tips.


Prepping For Mud


When dirt is wet the thick, gooey substance can cling to almost any surface. As a result, the earthy layer can restrict air flow and cause other issues that damage 4 wheelers. Taking this into consideration, four wheeler enthusiasts are encouraged to prep atvs for mudding beforehand via the following tips.


  • Make sure intake valve and other engine air flow channels are sealed up tight
  • Equip a new or used atv with an air filter that can handle being wet
  • Utilize a durable O-ring chain
  • Seal any openings to wires such as on the handlebar
  • Invest in a mudguard and snorkel kit


In addition, seal up any other area where debris manages to get reach during normal operation.


Going Far Fast


As we mentioned above, mudding is all about tearing up wet dirt to propel an off-road vehicle as far as possible in a short amount of time. However, knowing the goal does not reveal much in regards to proper technique. 


To elaborate, professional mudding requires a bit of finesse most budding riders do not develop by simply riding. Instead, this valuable information can only be gleaned by participating in the powersports pastime on a semi frequent basis.


Fortunately, plenty of mudding fans have opted to share some of their findings as seen below.


  • Take note of where other riders are avoiding
  • Try not to tense up as terrain levels vary suddenly
  • Shift before hitting a mud hole to ramp up without getting earth stuck in gear shifter
  • Find a steady speed to maintain by evaluating traction power versus momentum
  • If traction is lost, stand and shift your weight towards the front, back, and sides while gently adding throttle
  • Should the above fail, do not open the throttle all the way or risk burying the 4×4 deeper
  • Wear a helmet


In conclusion, mudding is a fun, exciting, and enjoyable sport if a bit of prep work is done first.


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