Macwheel, a novel ebike manufacturer, makes cheap electric bicycles. To elaborate, most of the e bikes they produce are less than a grand. Although this feat is impressive enough on its own, Macwheel opted to take things one step further by finding a way to lower the price even more. 


Through their efforts, the electric bike manufacturer was able to develop an ebike for less than $700. Unfortunately, consumers must overcome a few hurdles to secure this ultra low price point. Read on to find out why, and how to obtain this cheap ebike as soon as possible.


Introducing the Cybertrack 100


Dubbed the Cybertrack 100, the new electric mountain bike from Macwheel is powered by a downward tilted battery. To keep the e bike lightweight, the frame is made from aluminium, lacks a cargo rack, and does not have fenders. For those that can look past the missing features, check out the performance specs of this almost 50 lbs ebike.


  • 500W peak Bafang motor
  • Pedal assist
  • Twist throttle
  • 7-speed Shimano shifter and derailleur
  • 40 mile range on a single charge
  • Top speed 20 mph
  • 375 Wh battery
  • 4A charger capable of charging to full capacity in under 3-hours


To aptly complement the traits above, an LCD display is mounted to the handlebars. Cyclists may be able to monitor speed and battery life, as well as adjust the PAS, or pedal assist system, however, no official word has been issued regarding this matter. 


Nevertheless, Macwheel does manage to keep the ride comfy by adding a front fork suspension, which is ideal for biking on a mountain. Despite this decision, the ebike manufacturer opted to go with thick Compass tires that only have 27 TPI, or threads per inch. Due to the low thread count, the stock tires are not able to endure a lot of rough riding sessions, even when slightly deflated.


How to Obtain a Cybertrack 100


As we mentioned above, there are quite a few hurdles cyclists must overcome if they hope to obtain a Cybertrack 100. For example, there is a limited time frame for cyclists to procure the new electric bike between March 13th – 17th. Given how small this window of opportunity is, the e bike is going to be somewhat impossible to procure when it becomes available.


Despite the challenge this presents, Macwheel cranked up the difficulty even further by not showcasing the electric bike on the company website. Due to this marketing ingenuity, cycling fans hoping to obtain the new Cybertrack 100 may need to constantly monitor the Macwheel social media accounts to catch the electric bike sale as soon as possible.


By staying vigilant in this manner, cyclists may be able to procure a Cybertrack for less than $700 plus shipping and handling. Although this major time investment may sound cumbersome, those that miss this unique opportunity may have to wait until later this year, or longer, to purchase the new electric bike. 


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