Whether you drive a 110 atv, 125 quad, or a small atv, one thing remains the same. The potential for accidents. While riding around on a four wheeler it is easy to get caught up in the moment and let your guard down. 

As a result, people often overlook potential safety risks and end up getting hurt. To reduce the number of accidents that occur each year, we created the following guide. Be sure to review it from time to time to keep you and your loved ones safe while atving.


Attend ATV Training

Riders that know how to keep themselves safe are better at avoiding hazardous situations. To gain this type of insight, we recommend taking an atv training course. By doing so, you can ensure you are familiar with optimal riding techniques as well as tips and tricks on how to stay safe while riding an 110cc atv.


Start Slow

If you are unable to attend a local atv training course, the next best thing is to simply start slow. Cover a few miles at low speeds to get better acquainted with how your atv 125cc handles or any other type of four wheeler. 

Then, repeat this process every time you ride a new atv.


Do Not Drive Intoxicated

Just like with large vehicles, riding a 110cc quad while impaired is dangerous. Remember, both drugs and alcohol alter reaction speeds as well as sensory input. Due to this, riders who are intoxicated are more likely to respond inappropriately, thus leading to an accident.


Maintain Reasonable Speeds

Without a doubt, 125 four wheelers can be deadly at high speeds. One unseen bump, random stick, or even low tire pressure can cause an accident while going fast. So, be sure to drive at a reasonable speed at all times.


Avoid Excess Weight

Most childrens atvs and adult rides are designed for one person. Due to this, it is not a good idea to bring a passenger along with you since the weight can be problematic for atv performance. This same logic also applies to transporting cargo via a 125 atv or 110 quad that is not designed for such purposes.


Wear Riding Gear

Riding gear is designed to keep you safe, decrease the odds of having an accident, and reduce physical damage should an unfortunate incident occur. A few examples are listed below.

  • Helmet: may save your life by protecting your head from life-threatening injuries
  • Gloves: softens debris impact so you feel less inclined to let go of the handle on impulse
  • Goggles: keeps bugs and other small objects from damaging your eyes

Since safety gear can make you overheat during the warmer seasons, be sure to keep yourself hydrated while riding. Other noteworthy ways to avoid atv accidents are listed below.

  • Adhere to annual maintenance schedule
  • Avoid driving on pavement and roads
  • Only ride during the day

In addition, ride atvs that match your size. Adults attempting to go full throttle on a kids 4 wheeler may damage the device or have an accident due to the atv’s weight restrictions.

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