Motorcycle clubs and organizations can be extremely beneficial to a community. This feat is made possible when sports bike groups get together to further noble causes of their choosing. In this article, we highlight some of the aforementioned activities and explore how motorcycle clubs raise money for charities.


What Are Motorcycle Clubs?


Motorcycle clubs are known for getting together to promote various causes. During these events, the designated cause is typically advanced, and the club is rewarded via the task itself as well as an increase in membership requests.


See, the main principle behind each motorcycle group is to be among like minded individuals. Common traits include the enjoyment of riding motorcycles and giving back to the community, which are both joyfully displayed during charity events. Taking this into consideration, it should come as no surprise that there are at least fifty sports bike groups in the United States. 


Many of these organizations welcome motorcyclists into the group after a trial period. During these eras, potential candidates are evaluated to determine whether they represent the values portrayed within the motorcycle club. Beyond the aforementioned traits, most members are accepted as long as they legally own and operate any of the following sports bikes.


  • Harley Davidson
  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • Indian


Now that we know a bit more about what motorcycle clubs are, let’s take a look at how these groups give back to the community.


Motorcyclists Raise Money For Charity


Motorcycle groups give back to the community in multiple ways and in various durations. For example, the sole purpose of Bikers Against Child Abuse is to conduct activities that are designed to improve the lives of abused kids. Given the gravity of the aforementioned mission, BACA takes part in their goal year round and in every activity they plan. 


More information about this group may be found here.


Other noteworthy motorcycle activities revolve around raising awareness for a cause, improving public areas by cleaning them, and conducting fundraising events. A few great examples of the aforementioned feats are listed below.


  • Red River Chapter of The Seventh Sin Motorcycle Club hosted a cookout for The Calera Fire Department and raised money by charging $5 per plate
  • New Jersey Roughnecks Motorcycle Club conducted a charity motorcycle show in a field surrounded by booths and food tents in an effort to raise funds for the Parents of Autistic Children foundation
  • Raymond American Legion Riders Post 90 conducted their 7th annual motorcycle ride to generate funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Sikh Motorcycle Club raised $113,000 for Diabetes Canada by riding across the country for about a month
  • Maine Motorcycle Riders rode to generate donations for Ride to End the War Within which is an End 22 campaign designed to raise awareness of veteran suicide


To recap, motorcycle groups raise money for charity by hosting cookouts, participating in sports bike shows, and hyping up long-distance motorcycle rides by encouraging sponsorship from generous sponsors.


Upcoming Motorcycle Charity Events in 2021


It is important to note all of the activities listed in the last section were conducted during the past month, and thus during an ongoing pandemic. Since this is likely to continue in lieu of the risks, donors and event-goers that participate in future events are encouraged to maintain safety guidelines issued by CDC, also known as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


Recommended steps include the avoidance of large gatherings, maintaining six feet of distance between people, as well as wearing a cloth mask over both the nose and the mouth.


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