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Honda May Launch 10 New E Motorcycles - Bintelli Powersports

Honda May Launch 10 New E Motorcycles

Switching to eco-friendly energy sources is a courageous act that humans are implementing in order to reduce the effects of climate change. But despite how important this mission is, citizens in the United States of America are having trouble finding cheap electric motorized devices. To address this issue, Honda announced plans to launch at least 10 new e motorcycles by 2025.


Find out more about these novel electric sports bikes down below.


Cheap Sports Bikes


Honda takes pride in incorporating the “joy of riding” into each of their powersports machine models. Matter of fact, the motorcycle manufacturer explicitly states in their press release that they “…will continue to lead the industry in this “era of carbon neutrality” by continuing to offer the “joy of riding” with its electric motorcycles”.


Taking this quote into consideration, it may be somewhat surprising the majority of the possible powersports machines appear to be mopeds. To elaborate, in the previously mentioned press release, Honda showcases a slide that features the silhouette of eleven powersports machines. 


Of these motorized devices, roughly three of them appear to be e motorcycles.


Fun Electric Motorcycles


As we mentioned above, the press release appears to only show three electric sports bikes. And since most motorcycle fans are going to be super interested in those specific models, Honda dedicated an additional two slides to cover them.


The first slide is labeled “FUN EV”, and the image provides the following details.


  • Appear to be an exclusive launch in Japan, USA, and Europe
  • Electric powersports machines are referred to as large models
  • Frame designs resemble those found on standard, cruiser, and commuter motorcycles
  • A fourth model is included, and referred to as an “EV model for kids”
  • Estimated launch date appears to be between 2024 and 2025


The second slide exclusively showcases the large “FUN EV” models. However, silhouettes are still used so only the following details are revealed.


  • Neon-blue headlights
  • Stylish trim may include glow lights
  • Two of the electric motorcycles appear to have windshields
  • Front and back fenders


That said, powersports machine fans hoping to procure one of the moped-like, electric sports bikes may be disappointed to know these models appear to be destined for markets that are not in the United States of America.


Honda Electric Motorcycles


Even if seven of the revealed powersports machines turn out to be e mopeds, the marketing detail does not detract from the efforts Honda is putting in to reduce carbon emissions. For example, the motorcycle manufacturer has stated they plan to achieve the following goals.


  • Go carbon neutral by 2040
  • Make swappable batteries that cut down on recharge time
  • Develop “all-solid-state” energy capsules to extend average drive-time
  • Earn about 15% of motorcycle sales exclusively from the electric sports bikes by 2030
  • Reach at least 1 million annual sports bike sales by 2027
  • Continue the production of gas powered motorcycles


To touch on that last point, the Honda press release also revealed the sports bike manufacturer is developing carbon neutral fuels, and “ICE” engines to harness the liquids.


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