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Help Record Air Pollution With New Ebike - Bintelli Powersports

Help Record Air Pollution With New Ebike

Having access to clean air has a plethora of positive benefits, such as improving quality of life, extending longevity, and increasing average life expectancy. For those wondering how this correlation is possible, here is the scoop. According to the World Bank, roughly 7 million people die preventable deaths each year due to health issues related to airborne pollution. 


Knowing this, Noordung developed an electric bicycle to assist cyclists with avoiding areas with low-quality air. Read on to find out more about the new e bike.


Electric Bicycle Tracks Air Pollution 


As we mentioned above, Noordung manufactured an e-bike that is capable of recording nearby air pollution levels. However, what we did not mention is the fact that the beneficial task is achieved via particle sensors that are located within the “boombox”. As the name implies, the monitoring device from Noordung is capable of pumping out tunes via four speakers.


Other noteworthy details about the unit are highlighted below.


  • Includes a PM 2.5 and a PM 10 particle sensor
  • Multiple side vents
  • Positioned behind the handlebars and below the seat
  • Sound emitting units are tilted in ab upwards position to improve rider experience
  • Capable of connecting to smartphone


Thanks to these features, the lockable boombox can track some air pollution levels in real-time, as well as assist cyclists with identifying which routes typically have the cleanest air. Now that we know the main selling point associated with the electric bike from Noordung, let us review what else the powersports machine has to offer.


Noordung Electric Bike Design


The novel e bicycle from Noordung features a retro-style, carbon-fiber frame that utilizes the boombox to generate an aesthetically-pleasing design. And to further augment this sleek, minimalistic look, the ebike manufacturer bestowed the powersports machine with 5-spoke rims, a phone mount, and the following. 


  • 27.5” tires from Pirelli Angel GT Urban
  • Vintage headlamp designed by Litemove
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handlebar grips


Performance wise, the cruiser e bike comes with a hub motor, 300Wh battery, 100W charger, and a 10-speed Microshift Advent shifter that collectively generate about 37 miles per charge. And to keep cyclists safe out on the road, Noordung equipped the Electric Bicycle with a Magura braking system, as well as a rear light. 


That said, it is important to note the new, $7,100 electric bicycle has quite a few drawbacks, and some of them are listed below.


  • Lacks fenders
  • No chain guard
  • Exposed derailleur
  • Boombox appears to be secured to the electric bike frame via one screw


And to add insult to injury, the electric bicycle manufacturer does not appear to disclose important data-collecting details, such as the following.


  • Who reviews the air pollution data
  • How personal information is utilized 
  • Whether the collected data can be exported to an email or another external device


So, be sure to take this into consideration prior to purchase. For more information about the novel Electric Bike from Noordung, visit their website here.


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