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Finest Mopeds for Sale Online in 2022 - Bintelli Powersports

Finest Mopeds for Sale Online in 2022

Adjectives that highlight the attributes of a noun are often utilized to assist consumers with the process of determining if a product is worth buying. For example, the adjective in the title “Finest Mopeds for Sale Online in 2022” is being used to highlight the level of quality that the following set of powersports machines has.


MP3 500 Sport Advanced Euro 5


Most mopeds that have a high MSRP earn the price by using expensive components. To get a better idea of what this typically looks like, check out the MP3 500 Sport Advanced Euro 5 from Piaggio. This three-wheeled, gas powered moped has a $10,000 MSRP due to the inclusion of the following features.


  • Kayaba gas shock absorbers
  • Capable of getting roughly 62 miles per gallon
  • Can go in reverse
  • Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 493cc engine
  • Continuously variable transmission 
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Equipped with a 3.5 gallon tank
  • Moped seat is designed to comfortably support two people
  • LED Daytime Running Lights


For more information about the MP3 500 Sport Advanced Euro 5, visit the Piaggio website.


150cc Bintelli Scorch


The second scooter with a seat on our list is the 150cc Bintelli Scorch. As the name implies, this cheap gas powered moped is equipped with an air-cooled, 4-stroke, 150cc engine. For those unfamiliar, a 150cc scooter for adults is usually capable of providing enough energy to propel a powersports machine forward without using a lot of fuel.


Other noteworthy attributes are listed below.


  • 12″ tires
  • Halogen headlight
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Equipped with a 1.6 gallon tank
  • Has a seat height of 33.25″
  • Installed with a continuously variable transmission 
  • Rechargeable, 12V, 7AH battery
  • Storage unit 
  • Fenders are included
  • Weighs 220 lbs


As an added bonus, the 150cc Bintelli Scorch is available for about $2,000. To find out more about this high-quality, gas powered motor scooter, click here.


TVS XL100 HD Win Edition


Budding moped fans seeking a scooter that resembles a motorcycle may want to check out the TVS XL100 HD Win Edition. In addition to a sports bike appearance, the gas powered moped for adults comes with a single cylinder, 4-stroke 100cc engine, and offers the following.


  • Seat offers enough room for the driver and a passenger
  • Metal foot rest
  • Two-tone seat equipped with a diamond pattern surface
  • USB port
  • Chrome side mirrors
  • On-board diagnostics indicator
  • Locking storage compartment
  • 3Ah battery
  • Large, red power switch
  • Low maintenance fees
  • Lockable, 1 gallon tank
  • Large headlight and daytime running LEDs
  • Front and back suspension
  • Safety feature that turns the motor off when the powersports machine leans too far over


In addition, the gas powered motor scooter from TVS XL appears to be available for less than $1,000. That said, it is important to note the aforementioned asking price does not include shipping and handling from India, so be sure to take this into consideration prior to purchase.


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