People search online to find four wheelers for 12 year olds all the time. Which is understandable. This adolescent age is considered to be the pre-teen stage where young adults are introduced to new responsibilities and other challenges that are simply not suited for immature children.

However, there are also people looking online to try and buy four wheelers for 8 year olds. 

At this young, tender age, most kids are unaware of what to do if they get into an accident or are hurt. Due to this, it is highly recommended for an adult to be present if a child is riding an atv, should something unfortunate occur. 

And even then, parents are advised to reconsider allowing children to go atving.


Three Year Old ATVer

At the beginning of the year, a family in Texas decided it would be a good idea to allow their toddler to ride an atv for the first time. Although the details of how this came into fruition are unclear, the results are not. 

The three year old in question, Mason, got into an accident while atving. After the wreck, the toddler was in critical condition and rushed to the hospital. There, doctors discovered Mason had fluid in both lungs, broken ribs, and potentially life threatening brain injuries. 

To recover, the little one was required to stay at the hospital for two months. In response to this traumatic event, Mason’s family started an organization named Mason’s Movement, which aims to educate parents on atv safety.


What is the Earliest Age Children Can Safely Ride ATVs?

Without a doubt, educating the public about the dangers of atving and how to stay safe while enjoying the activity is important. However, even if you know this information it can be hard for parents to determine whether or not their child is ready to ride a mini four wheeler, childrens quad, or any other small atv for sale.

Due to this, we created the guide down below. It is designed to help you determine whether or not your offspring can handle riding a child 4 wheeler or 49cc mini quad in Charleston, South Carolina or anywhere else in the United States, by outlining viable safety rules.

Those unable or unwilling to adhere to the following restrictions may not be ready to go atving.

  • Atv riders should always wear a helmet, eye protection, solid shoes, and clothing that reflects light
  • Under 18 should never ride at night, nor near or on roads
  • Children under 16 should be supervised
  • Little ones under 15 riding atvs with large engines need a trustworthy adult to ride with them
  • Ages 14 and up need a speed cap at 35 mph
  • Kids 10-13 can safely ride up to 25 mph on childrens 4 wheelers
  • Small tikes from 6-9 need to be limited to 15 mph

Since our list ends there, you can likely surmise that anyone under the age of 6 should not be riding an atv, even if they are wearing safety gear and supervised. 

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