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Differences Between a Club Car and Ezgo Golf Cart - Bintelli Powersports

Differences Between a Club Car and Ezgo Golf Cart

When shopping for a new or pre-owned golf cart in Charleston, you have many golf cart brand options to choose from! Founded in 1958, Club Car manufactured golf cars in Texas. Less than five years later, the company uprooted and moved to Georgia. Since then, the Club Car vehicle selection has expanded to include both electric and gas-powered. In theory, this makes Club Car a fierce competitor for Ezgo.

In case you are not familiar, Ezgo, a golf cart manufacturer, was established in 1954 and they are also headquartered in Georgia. Let’s take a brief look at the history between these two companies and explore how the golf carts they produce are different.

The Beginning of Club Cars and Ezgo Golf Carts

As we mentioned above, Club Car actually moved their business a few years after being founded. This abrupt change was championed after Club Car was bought by Bill Stevens, Jr.

Afterward, the golf cart manufacturer experienced healthy period of growth, attracting buyers, one of which was William Dolan. In case that name doesn’t sound familiar, Dolan was one of eight Ezgo executives at the time. 

By purchasing Club Car, Dolan helped the company become known as an Ezgo rival. And although Club Car was bought by Ingersoll Rand in 1995, the brand image established by Dolan still remains.

Differences Between Club Cars and Golf Carts For Sale

Regardless of whether you are living in Charleston, South Carolina, or Houston, Texas, when it comes to buying the best golf cart, you start your search by checking out name brand products. 

From there, it is easy to evaluate the pros and cons between buying a used golf cart for sale or purchasing a new one out right. However, when it comes to Club Cars and Ezgo golf carts, the distinction is not as simple. 

Due to this, we wanted to outline a few lesser known features that may help you determine which brand offers the better golf vehicle based on your unique preferences.

Club Cars

Golf car frames are typically aluminum. By manufacturing golf carts for sale in this manner, Club Car can ensure their vehicles are lightweight. In the long-run, having a lighter body translates to less fuel being burned and thus more money saved. 

Other perks of having an aluminum body is rust. When a vehicle is made of aluminum, the process of breaking down differs from that of steel, in that the metal does not rust, it corrodes.

As a result, aluminum can gradually appear to be less shiny. That said, it is much easier to remove this film than it is to repair long-term rust. Bintelli Powersports has access to Club Car golf carts in Charleston if that is what you’re in the market for!


With a steel frame, Ezgo can ensure a decent resistance to most dings and dents. Which means an Ezgo is more likely to go unscathed during a hailstorm or other potentially damaging incidents. 

These slight resistances makes buying insurance coverage for an Ezgo a bit cheaper too. However, the slight invulnerability does come at a price. Steel is heavier than aluminum, which means more fuel will be used to operate the golf cart. 

In addition, rust is a major factor in the long-term picture for steel frames. As a result, maintenance fees become an issue, and if this responsibility is ignored, the odds of selling your used golf cart go down quite a bit.

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