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Difference Between Automatic and Manual Motorcycles - Bintelli Powersports

Difference Between Automatic and Manual Motorcycles

Automatic transmissions make it possible for drivers to fluidly and effortlessly switch between gears while accelerating. Thanks to this feat of modern ingenuity, automatic motorcycles are highly coveted in some social circles. 


But despite all the aforementioned advancements, manual motorcycle fans tend to firmly prefer traditional transmission models. Although the reason for this phenomenon varies, the most common trait cited is feeling in tune with the motorized device in question.


Given these two drastically different viewpoints it can be challenging for budding motorcyclists to join the hot debate, let alone decide which transmission type aptly suits their unique needs. To address this ongoing issue, we created the following guide. Read on to learn the differences between automatic and manual motorcycles.


Cheap Manual Motorcycles


Engines that are paired with a manual transmission depend on drivers to shift gears during acceleration. As one can imagine, this process requires an astute level of mindfulness, which tends to make drivers feel as though they are in tune with the powersports machine. That said, driving a manual sports bike has measurable benefits as well, and a few examples are below.


  • Able to shift gears faster than automatic motorcycles
  • Faster gear shifting typically increases acceleration rates
  • Traditional transmission models are lightweight compared to automatics 
  • Fuel efficiency tends to go up as weight goes down
  • Seasoned motorcyclists report achieving a faster response time
  • Being able to respond as soon as possible to road conditions tends to increase the odds of avoiding an accident
  • Manual motorcycles are often cheaper than automatic sports bikes
  • Maintenance routine is pretty straightforward


Furthermore, manuals are the most common motorcycle engine type. Thanks to this trend, those searching online for “cheap used motorcycles for sale near me” are likely going to find a manual motorcycle or sports bike.


Now that we know a bit more about why manual motorcycles are so popular, let’s take a look at a few of the negatives associated with non automatic sports bikes.


  • Steep learning curve
  • Attention span is split between changing gears and road safety
  • Mistiming a gear shift can cause the engine to stall out 
  • A stalled engine can cause an accident
  • Having to shift gears frequently can be tiring and annoying


But despite how cumbersome these issues are, most of them can be overcome by simply participating in driving classes.


Automatic Electric Motorcycles


Rookie motorcyclists hoping to kickstart their biker career may be able to do so via a cheap, used, automatic sports bike. This feat is possible via the following traits.


  • Low learning curve thanks to little to no guesswork being required 
  • Drivers are able to focus on the road rather than the gear shifter, clutch, and brake
  • Automatics are typically better suited for stop and go traffic than manuals
  • Built-in computer is designed to prevent engine stall out


Based on the features listed above it is easy to see why automatic motorcycles are gaining popularity. Nevertheless, automatics are associated with quite a few drawbacks that cannot be overcome by taking driving lessons.


  • Automatic transmissions utilize more machinery than manuals
  • Extra gears increases motorcycle weight
  • Heavy sports bikes typically have low fuel efficiency rates
  • Automatic motorcycles tend to be expensive due to the inclusion of advanced tech


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