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Difference Between ATVs and UTVs - Bintelli Powersports

Difference Between ATVs and UTVs

Four-wheeled powersports machines capable of trailblazing are typically referred to as 4 wheelers. And although this nomenclature is correct, the terminology hides a major secret. ATVs and UTVs are completely different types of motorized devices. Find out why down below.


Cheap Used All Terrain Vehicles


ATVs, also known as quads or all terrain vehicles, are commonly designed to be used by one person. However, when a four wheeler manufacturer develops an ATV that is capable of safely supporting two people, the all terrain vehicle requires the passenger to sit behind the driver. 


With utility task vehicles, two or more people are typically able to ride together, side by side.


Beyond rider capacity, cheap all terrain vehicles are usually smaller than utility task vehicles. And with this comparably small size comes two perks. Easy navigation through tight spaces, and quick, fluid turns. Professional ATVers often leverage these features in the racing industry, despite the fact that seatbeltless four wheelers are not as safe as seatbelted utility task vehicles.


And speaking of safety gear, small four wheelers usually lack most of the equipment found on utility task vehicles. One of the known downsides associated with this dilemma is ATVers are required to straddle the seat and grip the handlebars for dear life if they want to maintain control of the cheap used all terrain vehicle in some situations.


But as bad as that sounds, it is important to note there are quite a few bonuses associated with using ATVs, such as the following.


  • Small four wheelers are usually less expensive than side-by-sides
  • Transporting multiple all terrain vehicles is comparably easier than hauling UTVs
  • ATVs often weigh less than utility task vehicles
  • Lightweight four wheelers are often able to go faster than heavier powersports machines


Now that we are better acquainted with all terrain vehicles, let us take a look at some of the attributes associated with side-by-sides.


Utility Terrain Vehicles


UTVs, or utility task vehicles, are also called side-by-sides due to the inclusion of forward-facing seats that are positioned next to each other. That said, these heavy powersports machines usually use more fuel than smaller four wheelers, and the bulky motorized devices are more likely to tear up terrain than ATVs.


Other noteworthy features utility task vehicles offer that ATVs do not are listed below.


  • Equipped with bench or bucket seats
  • Often includes a windshield, steering wheel, seatbelts, foot pedals, and storage space
  • Typically comes with a roll-cage that can be transformed into a roof
  • Can be used to chauffeur friends and family through the woods in a safe, cozy manner
  • A powerful engine capable of maintaining top speeds when all seats are occupied


Needless to say, utility task vehicles are essentially automobile-like powersports machines capable of hauling more weight than the average cheap used all terrain vehicle. And to further drive home this point, most four wheeler manufacturers charge quite a bit more for side-by-sides than they do for ATVs.


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