Electric bicycles have come a long way in the past few years. Foldable ebikes combine this advanced tech with the convenience of being able to take the transportation device virtually anywhere. As a result, cyclists can now get from point a to b without having to worry about traditional issues, such as parking, registration, or gas. 


Nevertheless, the evolution of electric bicycles is still in its infancy. To speed up the process, FIIDO, an ebike manufacturer, has developed the D11. This new eBike addresses two major cycling concerns, weight and distance potential, thus setting a new precedence in the industry.


Super Lightweight


Weighing in at 28.4 lbs, the D11 electric bike is one of the lightest e bikes available on the market to date. To achieve this industry leading feat, FIIDO took a novel approach to frame construction. First, the electric bicycle manufacturer used aluminum to construct the build. In case you are not familiar, this metal is the lightest and arguably the least expensive around.


Second, FIIDO placed the 36V battery inside the removable e bike seat. By combining these items, the frame design proactively encourage riders to remove the two most frequently stolen components on an ebike, the battery and the seat. In theory, this reduces the odds of theft when riders lock up their electric bikes outdoors. 


That said, it is worth mentioning that since the electric bicycle is so lightweight thieves may still opt to break cheap locks and steal the seatless frame anyway. To avoid this, be sure to use a high-quality lock when leaving your electric bicycle outside.


Is the D11 Feature Rich?


Without a doubt, offering a cheap ebike equipped with a lightweight frame, decent battery capacity and motor is an industry standard. To stand out from the crowd, FIIDO packed the D11 with a bunch of features, such as the following.


  • Ergonomic design
  • 20 inch wheel height
  • Integrated front and back LED lights
  • 7-speed gear shifter from Shimano
  • 250w motor
  • Can go up to 15 mph
  • 410Wh battery
  • Tri tier pedal assist
  • 20” wheels
  • Disc brakes


However, the electric bicycle company did not stop with just these traits. They opted to take things one step further by amping up the ebikes distance coverage. According to FIIDO, the new ebike can go roughly 62 miles on a single charge. 


In addition, FIIDO ensured the foldable ebike can be folded down in under five seconds. Thanks to this ergonomic, minimalistic design, the ingenuity of the D11 was officially recognized when the device was awarded the German Dot Award. Given how feature rich the D11 is, the asking price of $1,299 is reasonable. 


Despite this, FIIDO sweetened the deal for those that invest in the D11 by offering the folding electric bicycle at $799. As in, the new e bicycle can be pre-ordered at $500 off. Needless to say, if you are interested in getting a cheap foldable ebike for under a grand, be sure to grab a D11 before the price goes up.


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