When it comes to safety, design matters. Ebikes designed to catch the attention of other motorists ultimately decreases the odds of an accident occurring. Taking this into consideration, some electric bicycle manufacturers are foregoing the traditional e cycle look altogether in favor of a style that closely matches modern day mopeds.

This new fun, sporty style is complete with safety equipment typically included with a motor scooter and other novel details. As a result, the interest in electric bikes for sale with the moped style are becoming very popular.


Bintelli Fusion Hybrid Electric Bike

The Bintelli Fusion is the first of its kind! This ebike for sale can be test driven in our Charleston electric bicycle showroom! A hybrid vehicle combining the ease of owning an electric bicycle (no registration, license, insurance required) with all of the amazing features of a scooter (head light, tail light, brake light, turn signal, horn, and comfortable seat)! With the Bintelli Fusion you will be the talk of the town! Not only can you cruise up to 20mph, but the Fusion has been designed to use on or off road! It’s rugged tires are great for the beach or on your local trails! A Bintelli exclusive… the Fusion will be the most fun you have ever had on an “e-bike!”

It features:

  • Powerful 750w motor
  • Comfortable moped style seat
  • Turn signals and massive head light
  • Color display screen


Juiced Electric Mountain Bike

Although Juiced has cheap electric bikes for commuting and mountain riding, the appearance of these e bikes does not resemble any moped on the market. However, after finding out about the moped style craze, Juiced developed the Scorpion. 

Designed for all terrain, this hybrid electric bike can easily pass as a moped or electric dirt bike for adults, and offers a ride experience akin to an e mountain bike. In addition to its looks, the Scorpion is equipped with the following.

  • 750W motor, 
  • Dual suspension
  • Puncture resistant tires
  • Integrated brake and headlights

Beyond these features, the electric assist bike is capable of going 28 mph and can cover 45 miles in one charge. Combining this type of power with the sleek moped style makes it possible for cyclists to safely ride on the road in most areas.

And since the Scorpion is only $1,700 it can even be considered as a cheap ebike.


Best E Bike For Speed

When it comes to driving fast, the best pedal assist bike with a moped design is the ONYX RCR 72V. At almost $4,000 USD, the 72V can cover about 75 miles per charge and get up to 60 mph, which is pretty unusual. 

Typically this type of speed is capped in most North American areas, such as Charleston, South Carolina, in an attempt to keep the electric bicycle within legal requirements. That said, to aptly compliment the ebike’s impressive speeds, the power assist bike manufacturer equips each 72V with the following.

  • 17-inch heavy-duty moped tires
  • Hydraulic front and back disc brakes
  • Regenerative brakes that uses stopping power to proactively recharge battery
  • LCD display with standard readouts
  • Built-in anti-theft alarm

In addition, the ONYX website emphasizes the fact that you can drive the RCR 72V without a motorcycle license, despite the super fast speeds. So, if this electric bike for adults peaks your interest, be sure to wear a DOT certified helmet.


RadRunner Step Through Electric Bike

Priced at $1,200, the RadRunner appears to have the best e bike price. However, this reduced amount is indicative of a cheaper overall power assist bike. See, even though the RadRunner appears similar to a moped, key portions of the device are missing. 

For example, this ebicycle lacks wheel guard flaps.

Nevertheless, if you are up to adding the extra pieces yourself after purchase, this cheap ebike may be exactly what you are looking for from an e bike shop.

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