When it comes to buying merchandise at an extremely low price, vendors often collaborate with China to negotiate a deal. As a result, companies in America, such as Revel, can become very profitable. In case you are not familiar with that name, Revel is the moped share service that buys its moped and scooter devices from a motor scooter manufacturer called NIU. 

Until recently, this company was set to debut its electric street legal moped in the United States for only $2,000. So, what happened?


Unwanted Features in New Mopeds

When looking online at adult mopeds, if you find new mopeds for sale equipped with a lot of impressive features, you start to wonder what the catch is. And the motor mopeds offered by NIU are no exception to this. Their $2,000 electric scooter is equipped with the following.

  • Has GPS connectivity
  • Pristine dexterity
  • Can go up to 100 miles
  • Anti-theft moped location feature
  • Scooter diagnostics system accessible via smartphone
  • Turn moped on or off via app
  • Auto software updates
  • NIU able to fix most issues remotely from China

Clearly, that is a lot of advanced technology packed into a small price tag. And assuming there are no additional hidden fees, such as a monthly bill for ongoing diagnostics, something definitely seems amiss.

See, when consumers are allowed to use a service or product for free, the company making the offer is getting paid through other means behind the scenes. 

Typically, this is done by either by integrating marketing ads in somehow, or selling information generated by the customer to a third party. This alone is enough to make anyone leery about commiting to the purchase.

However, being too good of a deal is not the only reason Chinese moped deliveries may be indefinitely halted.


Unable to Make Mopeds and Scooters

In case you have not heard, there is a deadly bug going around called the Coronavirus. This virus, which started in Wuhan, China, is spreading at an alarming rate. To slow the infection rate, citizens in many major cities are going into lock down. 

As a result, very little activity is occurring at this time in an attempt to contain the outbreak.

  • Factories are shut down
  • Workers are staying indoors 24/7
  • Shipments are slowed
  • Truckers in quarantine for 2-week stretches to see if they are infected

Yet, despite these efforts, Coronavirus infection and death rates continue to rise. And with no known cure, it is unlikely that NIU, located a mere 7-hours from Wuhan, is going to be able to safely continue producing their new electric mopeds for a while.

That said, you may be able to find an uncontaminated NIU moped for sale here in Charleston, South Carolina, if the shipment was sent over before things got started last December. 

Nevertheless, if you are unsure about the Chinese moped you want to buy, be sure to thoroughly sanitize the device upon delivery, and wear proper safety gear while doing so.


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