Traditionally, if a friend suggests to go ATVing in water, odds are the activity is going to be strictly related to mudding. However, the well-loved pastime of ATVing may actually encompass rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water in the future thanks to the Sherp

Let’s take a look at what it is down below.


Introducing The Best Off-Roading All Terrain Vehicle

ATV, or All Terrain Vehicle, implies that a device is capable of tackling virtually anything area you want to cover, with the most noteworthy exception being water. To further elaborate, anyone trying to take their used 110 atv or 125 quad for a spin out on the lake is in for a terrible ride.

Unless, of course, the four wheeler in question is a lifted ATV known as the Sherp. 

This water-friendly gas four wheeler is traversing almost any terrain you want to cover,  thanks to the device’s design and four monstrous tires. Each of these massive wheels feature a patented displacement feature that makes it possible to travel across the following terrains.

  • Bodies of water
  • Tundras
  • Boulders
  • Fallen trees
  • Other debris smaller than 70 cm/ 2 ft
  • Taigas
  • Swamps
  • Mountains
  • Marshes
  • Deep snow
  • Ice

To ensure the impressive, bulky tires have the power needed to cover the aforementioned areas, the Sherp gas four wheeler has a 4-cylinder, 91cc engine, and 5-speed transmission. Additional specifications for this gas powered four wheeler are listed below.

  • Max onland speed: 24 mph
  • On water: roughly 4 mph
  • Carry capacity: 2204 lbs
  • Clearance height: 23 inches
  • Horsepower: 44
  • Fuel tank: 17 gallons
  • Hill climbing potential: 35°
  • Seats with seatbelts: 2
  • Total weight: about 3,000 lbs

Needless to say, the Sherp is arguably one of the best four wheelers available on the market for those wanting to literally ride on all terrains as the name ATV implies. That said, there are a few downsides to the device.


Potential Issues Associated With the Sherp

First and foremost, if you are living in Charleston, South Carolina or anywhere else that is not in proximity to Bemidji, Minnesota, the odds of you being able to get a Sherp are low. See, the four wheeler is ridiculously heavy, thus making it practically impossible to ship the device in a cost effective manner.

Due to this, if you want to buy one, you will need to travel out to the SherpUSA headquarters in Minnesota and make the transaction in-person.

Another issue is environmental destruction. Since the Sherp’s tubeless, low-pressure tires can tear through any terrain, all areas are now subject to being road on. Although this is pretty awesome, most designated ATV areas are not prepared for larger vehicles, leading to the location in question being tore up in most cases.

Unfortunately, this effect leads to additional maintenance being needed, and to pay for this extra expense, legislators pass on the fees to all ATV enthusiasts, even if they are exclusively riding mini four wheelers, such as 110cc quad or other mini quads for sale.

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