Created in 1984, Vulcan® motorcycles offer motorcyclists a machine comprised of cruiser and sports bike qualities. Thanks to this unique design, the Kawasaki motorcycle has steadily held public interest over the last three decades. To meet this demand, a new evolution of the Vulcan® motorcycle was developed for 2021. Find out more about this variation down below.


Seven Kawasaki Vulcan® Variations


Motorcycle manufacturers often develop multiple versions of the same model. This is achieved by lowering power potential or excluding certain features. By doing so, companies can increase the odds of a product being attainable to more people over time. 


After implementing this methodology at Kawasaki, the research and development team came generated the following seven variations.


  • Sport Cruisers
    • Vulcan® S 
      • Non-abs: $7,199
      • ABS: $7,599
    • Vulcan® ABS CAFE: $8,199
  • Cruisers
    • Vulcan® 900 Classic: $8,199
    • Vulcan® 900 Custom: $8,699
    • Vulcan® 900 Classic LT: $9,199
  • Bagger Cruiser
    • Vulcan® 1700 Vaquero® ABS: $16,999
  • Touring Cruiser
    • Vulcan® 1700 Voyager® ABS: $17,699


Based on above price points, motorcycle fans may be able to deduce which 2021 Vulcan® models are the most powerful.


What Do Base Models Come With?


In addition to being less powerful, the cheaper Vulcan® motorcycles lack unique features that the more expensive models have. For example, motorcycle fans can opt to procure a Vulcan® S model without ABS, and lower the price by about $400. 


That said, here is a quick rundown of what the base and ABS CAFE models come with.


  • 649cc Parallel-Twin liquid cooled engine
  • 46 ft-lbs max torque
  • Weighs 491 lbs
  • 3.7 gallon tank


As an added bonus, all Vulcan® variations come with Ergo-Fit. This awesome design makes the Kawasaki motorcycle almost fit like a glove regardless of how tall, or short, a motorcyclists may be. To achieve this, the motorcycle manufacturer equipped the sports bike with three footpeg and seat settings, then moved the handlebar closer to the rider.


Kawasaki Vulcan® Models Feature Powerful Engines


Motorcyclists hoping to procure the most powerful Vulcan® should check out the bagger or touring cruiser. These variations are equipped with a 1,700cc engine. To compare, mid-tier models have a 903cc V-Twin inside, whereas the base models pack a 649cc Parallel-Twin.


Since speed potential can only get a motorcycle manufacturer so far in business, Kawasaki enhanced the physical appearance of the model in alluring ways. The Classic LT, for example, has a height adjustable windscreen, passenger backrest, and a delightful designer headlight area. Other influential design differences are listed below.


  • Vulcan® S boasts similar power and performance as the Ninja® motorcycle
  • Vulcan® Custom Cruiser features a Harley Davidson color scheme and drag bars
  • Vulcan® 1700 Vaquero® ABS has a streamlined, ergonomic frame, as well as sealed saddlebags, satellite radio compatibility, and frame mounted fairing
  • Vulcan® 1700 Voyager® ABS offers motorcyclists electronic cruise control, triple disc brakes, integrated luggage, and a voice controlled audio system


Needless to say, there is something for everyone among the new Kawasaki Vulcan® line-up.


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