Emopeds, or electric mopeds, are adopting traits typically associated with ebikes. As a result, the line between motor scooters and electric bicycles is being blurred in unusual ways. The latest example of this evolution can be observed in the new eMoped from Segway.


Introducing the Segway C80


Traditionally, onlookers could determine if a two-wheeled device was a moped or bicycle based on the frame. To elaborate, mopeds typically lack pedals, whereas bicycles often have these gear turning platforms in the middle of the device. Other noteworthy distinctions are listed below.


  • Mopeds go faster than bicycles
  • Thanks to the extra speed boost, states often require motor scooters to be registered and operators to have a license
  • Emopeds often have a footrest platform in the middle


That said, Segway has opted to essentially combine the perks of electric mopeds and ebikes in the new C80. As in, although the two-wheeled device has a footrest platform, it also includes a set of pedals. Read on to find out why.


Pedal Assist System


PAS, or pedal assist system, is a novel feature in ebikes. When included, the design can achieve impressive feats, such as harness kinetic energy from braking. Taking this into consideration, moped manufacturers are adding pedal assist systems into their latest models. 


Which brings us to the Segway C80. By adding the PAS to the new motor scooter, Segway gives riders the opportunity to use the emoped as a motor scooter or ebike. Which means operators can keep their feet firmly on the platform until the battery dies then switch over to pedaling if necessary. 


Or simply use the device as an ebike and avoid platform usage until coasting downhill. To aptly complement these versatile riding options, the new C80 comes with the following.


  • 750W motor
  • Twist-grip throttle
  • Cruise control
  • LED dash
  • Removable battery
  • Cargo rack
  • Dash light sensor
  • Built-in GPS tracker
  • Keyless start


In addition, the electric moped comes with a “smart seat”. This anti-theft gear shuts down a moped if the driver does not “unlock” the motor scooter via an app beforehand. Riders can also turn on proximity locking to auto unlock a moped when they are nearby.


To ensure operators are able to avoid the C80 locking them out on accident, the handlebars feature a color coded indicator light to assist with the process.


  • Alternating green and red flashes: anti-theft alarm
  • Red: error report
  • Blue: cruise control on
  • Green: safe to operate
  • Orange: on


Needless to say, the new eMoped from Segway is packed full of awesome tech.


Important Takeaways


Since the speed on the C80 is capped at 20 mph, operators do not need a license or registration to operate it. However, given the low speed it will take riders almost 3-hours to cover 60 miles, which is about the average distance the emoped can go per charge.


Nevertheless, Segway is offering the feature dense C80 for $1,900 with free shipping. Those that take advantage of the deal before the Indigogo campaign runs out may be able to get the new moped before 2021. 


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