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Check Out the New Can-Am Renegade

Bragging about producing the most powerful ATV on the market is bound to garner some attention. So, when ATV manufacturer Can-Am made such a boast, we simply had to review the 4×4 in question.


The 2021 Can-Am Renegade


When a new four wheeler model is produced, multiple variations of the ATV are made in an attempt to reach a wider consumer market. Taking this into consideration, it should come as no surprise the new 2021 Renegade is available in six different variations.


  • Renegade 570
  • Renegade 850
  • Renegade X XC 850
  • Renegade X XC 1000R
  • Renegade X MR 570
  • Renegade X MR 1000R


Based on the above naming convention, ATV fans may be able to deduce which models have similar components and power output. To elaborate, the 570s offer 48 hp, 850s create about 78 hp, and 1000Rs generate a whopping 91 hp. 


Other similarities include tire size and undercarriage clearance.


The Renegade base models and upgraded X XCs only have about 10.5 inches of clearance despite being equipped with 25 inch tires. On the other end of the model spectrum, the Renegade X MRs have 28 inch tires and about 12 inches of clearance.


Due to the aforementioned combinations, ATV fans may have a tough time determining which model is best for them. To make the evaluation process a bit easier, here is a quick run down. Those interested in buying a cheap all terrain vehicle based on price alone may want to procure the Renegade 570 since it is less than $9,000. 


If undercarriage clearance is a priority, consider the X MR for $11,199. In the event horsepower is more desirable than clearance, check out the X XC 1000R. This model has almost double the horsepower of the aforementioned ATV and can be purchased for a couple grand more at $13,000.


That said, the most expensive Renegade is the X MR 1000R. Available at $15,149, this all terrain vehicle offers four wheeler fans about 91 horsepower and features wide, 30 inch tires, as well as the following.


  • Visco-Lok QE differential
  • Over 12 inches of ground clearance
  • Front and rear bumper


At this point, ATV fans may be wondering what warrants a price tag that is almost double the MSRP of the base Renegade. To understand this marketing decision, let’s review the internals of the all terrain vehicle.


Can-Am equips the X MR 1000R with a plethora of high-quality components. Each of these items are designed to maximize comfort, control, and performance. For example, the expensive model comes with adjustable FOX 1.5 PODIUM shocks that are designed to generate predictable responses to uneven terrains.


The four wheeler also utilizes Intelligent Throttle control, or iTC™️. This throttle-by-wire system smooths out the amount of energy released by the V-twin, liquid cooled, 976cc Rotax engine. As a result, the Renegade X MR 1000R generates a pristine level of responsiveness and noteworthy control compared to other models.


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