Unlike limo LSVs, most 4 seater golf carts have backward facing seats. For all intents and purposes, this design was created to minimize the length of LSVs and generate storage space. 

Although these perks addressed most customer demands, the setup made it difficult for passengers in the back row to communicate with the driver. To address this issue, EZ Go launched a new four seater golf cart that lacks backward facing seats.


E-Z-Go Liberty


Dubbed the Liberty, the new ez go LSV appears to be a low-sitting, curvy roofed limo golf cart with one row missing. Now that we have a good idea of what the new golf cart looks like, let’s break down why each alteration was made.


First, the golf cart manufacturer reduced the wheelbase size to make entering and exiting the LSV a bit easier. Second, the new curvy, edged roof guides water toward the front of the LSV, rather than into the laps of passengers sitting in the back row. To prevent the guided liquid from obstructing the driver’s view, Ezgo equipped the Liberty with a windshield.


That said, the Liberty does not appear to have windshield wipers.


Speaking of safety gear, the new EZ go is almost a street legal golf cart. To achieve the aforementioned status, windshield wipers and side mirrors need to be added. Nevertheless, beyond these little extras, the Liberty is equipped with everything needed to be considered street legal in most areas.


  • Turn signals
  • Head and tail lights
  • Rearview mirror


Under the hood, the zero emission EZ go Liberty utilizes an all electric engine. This is powered by a maintenance-free, lithium ion battery that is less finicky than previous models.


Storage wise, there are very few places to house items, and even fewer ways to prevent things from falling out of the LSV. Nevertheless, the base model of the Liberty can be procured for about $15,000 plus shipping and taxes.


Folds of Honor


The organization known as Folds of Honor is dedicated to providing scholarships to spouses and children of fallen or disabled soldiers. Taking this into consideration, EZ Go has established a scheme to increase LSV sales and Folds of Honor donations. Here is how it works. 


EZ Go issues a $200 donation to Folds of Honor each time an LSV fan reserves a Liberty. These donations are added together and mixed in with other funds to generate large sums of cash. From there, the money is distributed to applicants that apply between February 1st and March 31st each year. More information about the Folds of Honor scholarship program and how donations are used may be found at this website.


LSV fans that opt to make their Liberty golf cart purchase double as a scholarship donation are also rewarded with a Fold of Honor decal and hat. To participate in this exclusive opportunity, EZ go fans are encouraged to reserve a Liberty before the campaign ends on July 27th, 2021.


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