High-quality, cheap e mountain bikes are rather hard to come. In case you are not familiar with why, the market is flooded with electric mountain bikes of all prices, shapes, and qualities. 


Needless to say, wading through this humongous amount can deter shoppers from pursuing their online shopping goal. To reduce some of the stress related to searching for “cheap e mountain bikes for sale near me”, we created the following guide.


26 inch Electric Bike From Rinkmo


Boasting the lowest price point on our list, the e mountain bike from Rinkmo is only $630, plus shipping. For that phenomenally low price, cyclists can procure a quality ebike that comes with the features listed hereafter.


  • LED headlight for night riding
  • Horn
  • Disc brakes
  • Anti-slip and wear resistant tires
  • Removable lithium-ion battery gets about 35 miles per charge
  • Shimano gear shifter
  • Max speed is 20 mph
  • 5-speed control options


Unfortunately, there is a trade off for the aforementioned perks. The sturdy, 51 lbs e mountain bike from Rinkmo comes with a 250W motor. Due to this, cyclists may not be able to get enough energy from the battery while going uphill. 


Be sure to take this detail into consideration prior to purchase.


Angotrade E Mountain Bike


For those looking for an e bike in the $650-$700 range, check out the ebike from Angotrade. This hefty aluminum alloy mountain bike weighs about 64 lbs and comes with the following.


  • Shimano gear shifter
  • 36V lithium ion battery comes with key
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 26 inch wear resistant tires
  • Shock suspension via front fork
  • LED headlamp


That said, there is some assembly required, and the tools are included with the purchase. Between this requirement and the overall girth of the e mountain bike, cyclists may prefer to pay a few hundred dollars more to buy a lighter ebike.


Ancheer E Mountain Bike


Finding cheap, high-quality e mountain bikes is a challenge not reserved for the faint of heart. To elaborate, cyclists need to know what they want in an ebike, then figure out how to translate those needs into e mountain bike specs. 


Since this process can be super confusing, cyclists may prefer to procure a well-reviewed e mountain bike, such as the E Mountain Bike from Ancheer. This blue e mountain bike currently has 4.5 stars, and over 460 reviews to-date, which means the device may be worth buying. 


Additional details of what is included at purchase are listed below.


  • 350W motor
  • 27.5 inch wheels
  • LCD display with relative readouts, such as speed
  • 10.4 Ah battery gets about 30 miles per charge
  • 5 speed options available via controller
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Max speed 20 mph
  • Can tackle 20 degree slopes with ease
  • Front aluminum suspension fork


As you can see, a somewhat powerful engine and battery are included with this e mountain bike. However, if this power output is not strong enough, consider grabbing the 500W ebike produced by the electric bike manufacturer instead.


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