Electric motorcycles are exciting, futuristic, and expensive. Nevertheless, there is a miniscule amount of cheap electric motorcycles available. Bear in mind, by cheap, we are referring to electric motorcycles under $5,000 or close to the price point. To find out what these cheap e motorcycles are, read on.


Differences Between a Moped and a Motorcycle


Gas powered mopeds are not as powerful as larger vehicles. For example, many motor scooters have small engines, and can only go up to 28 mph. Motorcycles, on the other hand, are usually just as powerful as traditional automobiles. Nevertheless, there are plenty of mopeds out there that do not fit into the aforementioned generalization. 


To address this vast amount of variations, local and state legislators implemented guidelines that dictate whether a two wheeled device is a moped or a motorcycle. As you can imagine, these rules and regulations vary from area to area based on the following metrics. 


  • CC engine size
  • Top speed
  • Horsepower


That said, electric motorcycles and mopeds typically measure power output using completely different metrics than those listed above. Taking this into consideration, cosmetic appearance and ability to be driven safely on the highway are used to determine if a machine is a moped or a motorcycle henceforth.


Super Soco


The aesthetically pleasing Super Soco from TCmax is considered to be a cheap electric motorcycle. To elaborate on the cheap attribute, the asking price for the Super Soco is $5,250. Although this is over the desired $5,000 parameter mentioned earlier, the price is low enough to warrant at least a quick review, so check out the features and specs.


  • 69 mile range per charge
  • Waterproof and dustproof so it can be rode through almost a foot of water
  • Offers three riding modes: energy saving, optimal balance, super performance
  • 180 Nm torque
  • 5000w max power
  • Can handle up to 17° angles without any issues


It is important to note the top speed of this device is only 60 mph, which may make it unsafe to drive on some highways.


Kollter ES1-S PRO


Boasting a max speed of 80 mph, the Kollter ES1-S PRO is a novel sports bike that straddles the line between motorcycle and eBike. For those hoping to utilize this two wheeled device as a motorcycle, be sure to purchase a second battery to achieve the following power outputs.


  • 56 mile range on the highway
  • 85 mile range around town
  • Max range of 100 miles


Without adding the second battery, the asking price is $5,490. With said additional battery added in, the price jumps to $6,480. More info may be found here.


Zero FXS


Another cheap electric motorcycle for sale is the Zero FXS from Zero Motorcycles. This sleek, stealthy sports bike requires little maintenance and offers motorcyclists the following.


  • City range of 50 miles per charge
  • Max speed of 85 mph
  • Under 5-hours of charge time
  • Clutchless direct drive transmission
  • Showa suspension
  • Weighs 251 lbs


As an added bonus, this $9,300 electric motorcycle for adults only needs one battery to function as intended. 


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