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Can You Ride an Ebike in the Snow? - Bintelli Powersports

Can You Ride an Ebike in the Snow?

Electric bicycles provide cyclists with an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to travel. But despite these phenomenal perks, ebikes are typically placed in storage during the winter. Although there are many reasons for this phenomenon, one thing remains the same. Modern e bicycles make it possible for cyclists to bike in the snow. Cycling fans interested in achieving this chilly feat in a safe manner may be able to do so via the following tips.


Electric Bicycle Battery


When the temperature drops molecules move slower. A byproduct of this effect is the cells in an ebike battery do not perform as well as they do in warm weather. Key examples include being unable to recharge swiftly, and a noticeable 10 to 15% loss in energy. 


To bypass these issues, cyclists may want to take the following precautionary steps.


  • Bring an extra battery along for the ride
  • Avoid recharging an energy unit when the device is at or below 32 degree fahrenheit 
  • Never leave an e bike battery outdoors for long periods of time


In addition, consider bringing an electric bike battery inside whenever possible to reduce wear and tear over time.


Cheap Used Ebike Body


Riding on snow covered streets can be fun. However, the arguably awesome pastime tends to launch salty mud, snow, and other corrosive particles onto an ebike. Since this debris can damage an e bike it is typically wise to add anti-rust spray to exposed metal gears. Another advisable step is to wipe down an e-bike at least once a week or after every ride.


Winterized E Bike Tires


Ice and snow make generating traction difficult, but not impossible. To achieve the winter related feat, install e bike tires that match the current status of snow and ice as outlined below.


  • Use large, knobby fat tires when riding on fluffy, loose snow
  • Equip studded tires if biking over pressed snow or ice


As for those without fat or studded tires consider adding zip ties to electric bicycle wheels to gain a bit of traction.


E Bike Visibility


Snow can reduce visibility even if the wintery powder is not falling from the sky. For example, the chilly weather phenomenon can occur when a strong gust blows loose frozen ice across a street. To prepare for the aforementioned issue and other low visibility events, install extra LED lights onto an electric bike, as well as bright reflectors.


Cycling Attire for Winter


Getting frostbite is terrifying, and potentially deadly. Nevertheless, this life threatening risk does not stop cyclists from biking during the winter. Cycling enthusiasts hoping to follow suit may want to wear the following gear to stave off frostbite.


  • Well-ventilated helmet
  • Equip bar mitts to handlebars to keep hands warm without impeding brake operation
  • Self-heating garments, such as pants, socks, and gloves
  • Neck warming balaclava
  • High-quality, breathable and waterproof jacket


In conclusion, by following the tips outlined above cyclists can ride their e bikes in the snow.


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