According to Motor Scooter Report, the average recharge time of a moped battery is typically between 3 and 7 hours. So, when reports state a new scooter battery can be fully recharged in under two minutes, it is a pretty big deal. Read on to find out more about the exclusive moped energy capsule.


Batteries For Used Scooters With a Seat


As we mentioned above, used cheap e mopeds typically take several hours to fully recharge. To reduce this painfully slow recharge time, Mahle Powertrain, an engine manufacturer, and Allotrope Energy, a lithium battery developer, created a novel lithium-carbon battery capable of being fully recharged in under two minutes. 


Here is how it works.


First, Mahle Powertrain and Allotrope Energy removed rare earth metals from the energy capsule equation. As a result, each lithium-carbon moped battery lacks all of the rare earth metals that are commonly found in used scooter batteries. Second, the motor scooter battery developers harnessed the power of supercapacitors by shrinking the tech down.


For those unfamiliar with supercapacitors, these components are comprised of a double-layer of cathodes and an anode. When the aforementioned layers are separated by organic electrolytes, ions are encouraged to diffuse in a passive, heatless manner. In turn, this chemical reaction generates energy without the thermal breakdown most modern scooter batteries undergo. 


Additional perks associated with the novel moped energy capsule are listed below.


  • Scooter battery remains stable at high temperatures
  • Since heat is not an issue, the energy capsule can fully recharge in about 90 seconds
  • Unflinching behavior in extreme warmth means battery cooling systems can be removed
  • Fewer engine components increases the overall airflow, thus making it easier for other motor parts to stay cool
  • Removing unneeded moped parts typically lowers the MSRP of scooters with a seat


Furthermore, without the effects of thermal breakdown, the new moped battery may be able to to last 100,000 cycles. To understand just how awesome that lifespan is, consider this: the best motor scooter energy capsule on the market today only lasts about 1,000 cycles.


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As amazing as the new lithium-carbon moped battery is, the energy capsule does have a major downside. Mahle Powertrain and Allotrope Energy are not selling the scooter battery in the consumer moped market. Instead, the collaborators plan on marketing the novel energy capsule to companies that use scooter delivery services in their business model. 


Although there are many profitable reasons to implement this tactic, the marketing decision appears to be related to speeding up the adoption of electric powered powersports machines.


According to Dr. Mike Bassett, Head of Research at Mahle Powertrain, “Range anxiety is often quoted as the main barrier to electric vehicle adoption, but if the battery could be recharged in the same time it takes to refuel a conventional IC engine vehicle, much of that worry goes away”. Needless to say, the novel scooter batteries may not reach consumers any time soon.


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