Electric bicycles, or e bikes, share a few similarities with motor scooters. However, these two devices are not the same. A moped is considered to be a device equipped with a powerful, albeit small engine that is capable of exceeding speeds achieved via e bicycle. Another noteworthy difference separating mopeds and scooters from e bikes are pedals. 


These gear turning components provide an electric bicycle with additional power. Since this extra boost is usually generated by a moped motor, pedals are typically replaced by a foot rest platform. Although these design differences are commonplace as of date, the distinction may not be as clear in the future. 


Juiced HyperScorpion


Juiced, an ebike manufacturer, is set to blur the lines between electric bicycles and motor scooters at the end of 2020 thanks to their new moped. Dubbed the HyperScorpion, the latest Juiced moped model has pedals. 


They are not just for looks either. The gear turning devices on the Juiced scooter are fully functional. They are equipped with a pedal assist feature that is further supplemented via torque and cadence sensors. In case you are not familiar with what those sensors do, when combined the torque and cadence sensors gauge how fast you are pedaling. 


From there, this information is relayed to the motor as a way to ensure the acceleration or deceleration is smooth when transitioning between pedalling and coasting. Other awesome features the HyperScorpion comes with is listed below.


  • LCD readout display for speed, engine temperatures, trip distance, and more
  • 52 V battery
  • Adjustable suspension in the front and back capable of smoothing out most terrains
  • 20″ x 4.25″ tires with 5mm puncture resistant 
  • LED headlight capable of producing 2,000 lumens or halo mode for daytime riding 
  • Illuminated license plate holder
  • Horn
  • Front and back turn signal lights
  • Left and right mirrors
  • 8-speed transmission


By now, you may be wondering why Juiced is labeling the HyperScorpion as a moped rather than an electric bike. The reason behind this marketing decision is engine power. If pedal assist is activated, riders can cover roughly 70 miles in roughly 2-hours on one charge.


Speed Potential of the HyperScorpion


As we mentioned above, the new moped from Juiced can go over 30 miles per hour. To achieve this, moped owners must set the device to “race mode”. That said, this is not the “class” the HyperScorpion defaults to. This distinction is due to the fact that aforementioned speeds are usually not street legal.


Taking this into consideration, before delivery, Juiced determines the state’s local speed rules for mopeds. Areas where the speed cap for mopeds is 20 mph are set to Class 2, whereas places with less restrictive moped restrictions are set to 28 miles per hour.


Nevertheless, those interested in getting a HyperScorpion are encouraged to pre-order as soon as possible for two reasons. First, requesting the new moped now locks buyers into the current price of $2,900 which is set to go up in July. Second, by reserving a HyperScorpion early moped enthusiasts can increase the odds of getting their motor scooter by August.


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