Almost everyone buys a car or truck when they first start out. Over time, this “tradition” transitions from “just a starter vehicle” to an actual habit. Due to this popular coming of age event, people tend to forego the choice of owning a motorcycle as their first vehicle.

Despite the well-established trend, motorcycles can be found in garages around the world. And although the decision to own one tends to vary from person to person, one question remains the same. 

Should you buy a used motorcycle or fork over the dough for a new one at a motorcycle dealer?

Coming to a conclusion on this universal question takes quite a bit of time, even after weighing the pros and cons. However, if you are reading this, you are likely leaning towards the former, rather than the latter. So, let’s take a look at the best used motorcycles you should be searching for this year.


Cheap Motorcycles For Sale

If you like repair projects, bringing a used motorcycle back to life may be a fun activity for you. And the best way to get acquainted with the hobby is by buying a used Harley Sportster. This motorbike model is sporty, fast, and fun. Which means once you find the repair parts you need at a second shops or online you will be having a blast out on the road sooner rather than later. 

Add in the fact that a lot of used Harley Davidsons can be purchased for under $4,500 and it is easy to see why this model is an ideal motorbike to start with. Bintelli Powersports in Charleston, SC specializes in Harley’s for sale.


Best Used Yamaha Motorcycles

When browsing Cragslist to check out the used motorcycles for sale, be sure to keep an eye out for the Yamaha R3. Even as a pre owned motorcycle, Yamaha models typically preserver if taken care of. 

That said, if you want to see used sports bikes for sale that are capable of some rough riding, switch up your search to “used Yamaha R3”. This super fast used sports bike can be found with the following features.

  • 321cc liquid cooled engine
  • 3.7 gallon tank
  • About 56 mpg

And you can find one for about $5,000 in most motorcycle shops.


Versatile Motorbikes

If you do a quick Google search for “cheap motorcycles for beginners” online, the Kawasaki KLR 650 may very well pop up. This particular Kawasaki has plenty of repair parts available and the model tends to keep going if taken care of.

In return, drivers can anticipate a quiet, smooth ride thanks to the bike’s 651cc water cooled engine and exquisite suspension system. And although gas tank capacity varies throughout the years, the average asking price of $3,000 tends to stay the same.

So, if you plan on visiting your local motorcycle store anytime soon, be sure to make an inquiry about used Harley Sportster, Yamaha R3, and Kawasaki KLR 650 motorcycles. Odds are the motorbike dealer you visit will have one of these for sale, even in Charleston, South Carolina.

For more information or to set up a motorcycle demo, contact Bintelli Powersports at (843) 405-8366. If you are looking for a motorcycle for sale, be sure to stop by Bintelli’s motorcycle showroom located in West Ashley! 

Bintelli’s Charleston Motorcycle Dealership services Charleston, West Ashley, John’s Island, James Island, Sullivan’s Island, Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, North Charleston, Hanahan, Ladson, Summerville, and the rest of South Carolina!


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