When a four wheeler gets stuck in the mud, tow straps, also known as tow ropes, are often used to pull the machines free. In case you are not familiar with the gear, tow straps are comprised of tightly interwoven fibers. 


Thanks to this design, high-quality ATV ropes are strong enough to handle the task of to pulling devices free from otherwise hopeless situations. That said, there are a plethora of tow ropes out there. To determine which tow strap is ideal for your unique situation, read on.


TigerTail AT


Using a winch is not necessary for a tow. However, winches can increase the odds of a tow being successful. Despite this feat, many ATV enthusiasts avoid using winches due to the fact that they can be a real hassle to set up.


Taking this into consideration, TigerTail developed a winch and tow strap combo that is specifically designed to be used on all terrain vehicles. Here is how the device works.


The fully integrated design attaches to an ATV via a patented mount and self-locking hook. After connecting the other end to a trapped all terrain vehicle, the tow can commince. During the aforementioned process, a constant supply of tension is generated along the 15 feet of tow rope thanks to the retractable aspect of the spool.


In terms of overall power, the $150, non-electric system can handle any tow under 8,000 lbs.


Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope


For those interested in a bit more towing power, check out the Super Yanker from MasterPull. As the name implies, this rope is capable of handling some heavy duty towing, with a max limit of 28,500 lbs. To ensure the impressive pull power lasts, the tow strap is equipped with the following features.


  • Mildew resistant
  • UV protected
  • 30% stretching action absorbs energy from towing vehicle and redirects it toward the stuck ATV thus boosting pull force
  • ATV tow rope is comprised of multiple layers to maintain long term integrity of the gear
  • Has loop ends which can be used in combination with any mount or locking hook.


Bear in mind, the $155 Super Yanker does not come with a retractable winch system.




Loads of towing strength can come in handy. Nevertheless, this type of power is not always necessary. UTV enthusiasts that find themselves in this type of situation may be delighted to know there is a strong and cheap ATV tow strap available. Dubbed the SmartStraps, these tow strap devices come in a wide range of hooking and pull strength options.


  • 5,667 lbs of towing power can be generated via a 20 ft, loop end, tow strap which is priced at $22.99
  • For $49.99, UTV fans can buy a 30 ft tow rope with loop ends that is capable of towing 7,500 lbs
  • A 30 ft strap with loop ends can be used to pull 10,000 lbs if an ATV fan opts to pay $64.99 for the item


Given the low prices, ATV enthusiasts may prefer to utilize SmartStraps for future towing jobs.


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