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Best Places to Ride ATVs in the United States - Bintelli Powersports

Best Places to Ride ATVs in the United States

Regardless of whether you live in Dallas or Charleston, South Carolina, odds are you find ATV mudding as fun as we do. There is just something magical about ripping through wet dirt at high speeds that gets motors a-blazing. So to speak.

This amusement often encourages others to share their love of ATVing with their children. However, after buying said child a kids all terrain vehicle, parents quickly find the backyard tore up beyond recognition. Which can be a real headache if you have paid for landscaping.

Fortunately, there are designated places across the United States that are specifically for ATV riding. Which means you can take your 125 atv and your kids atv out for a roaring good time, without having to worry about what the yard is going to look like after.

Taking Your 125cc 4 Wheeler Up North

In Michigan there is this awesome ATV place known as the Upper Peninsula. Here, ATV riders can rev their engines freely and zoom around while taking in gorgeous views of Lake Superior and Michigan.

Quite a few of these trails are over 100 miles, making it possible for you and the crew you are rolling with to ride the entire day without seeing the same scene twice. 

And as an added bonus, the Keweenaw ATV Club maintains loads of trails up there too. Just be sure to become a club member prior to using their routes in Northern Houghton and Keweenaw.

100 Quads Cruising Along the Hatfield-McCoy Trail

Southwest Virginia is vividly dedicated to ATV mudding. And by dedicated, we mean they allotted over 600 miles to nothing but riding trails. Each route is designated by riding levels too. So, you can bring your children and their kids atvs along for the trip.

That said, the area we are talking about is known as the Hatfield-McCoy Trail, or HMT, which stretches across three areas. Welch, Logan, and Danville. 

Due to this expansive network, you can explore for several hours. However, since the odds of getting separated from the little ones is easy to do here, be sure to check in with them often.

Gulches ORV Park

Tucked away in Laurens County, South Carolina is an 80-acre privately owned area, packed with lovely trails. This area, known as the Gulches Off Road Vehicle Park, or Gulches ORV Park, is an ATV friendly, camping establishment with routes for all skill levels. 

So, if you and your family are just getting started, this is an ideal place to test out your ATVs. Bintelli Powersports offers a few very popular ATVs for Sale in the Charleston Area. The top three sellers include:

  1. Raptor 125cc XC ATV for Sale
  2. Kodiak 150cc ATV for Sale
  3. Mini Sport 40cc ATV for Sale

That said, Gulches is typically only open Friday through Sunday, with the occasional closure due to weather or potentially dangerous issues. Nevertheless, the prices here are reasonable considering how grand the ATV experience is.

Weekend passes are a flat $50, and individual days range between $15 and $25. So, if you opt to buy a used atv in Charleston, South Carolina, and want to take your new set of wheels out for a spin, ride on down to Gulches for an amazing time.

If you are in South Carolina or Charleston and are looking for a kids ATV, adult atv, or any size for that matter, give Bintelli Powersports a call at (843) 405-8366 or visit online by clicking here.