Picture this. After visiting a motorcycle shop and picking out the perfect used motorcycle, you walk outside the next day to find the vehicle stolen. Terrible, right? 

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, or NICB, roughly 41,600 motorcycles were reported stolen in 2018. Although this is a decrease from about 44,000 in 2017, the fact still remains that theft can and does occur. 

To ensure your used Yamaha motorcycle is found after being stolen, we highly recommend buying and equipping your used sport bike with any of the following tracking devices.


Smallest GPS Tracking Device

Since bulky items can reduce wind resistance, and thus increase fuel consumption, motorcycle enthusiasts may be interested in the GL300 GPS Tracker from Spytec. To get an idea of how small this thin device is, picture the locator almost fitting in the palm of your hand. 

Upon activation, the powerful item relays its GPS location to your smartphone, computer or tablet in real time. The GL300 is even capable of alerting you when the motorcycle is in motion, thanks to the built-in three dimensional axis detector.

That said, there are some down sides such as a monthly service bill and having to purchase a mounting system separately. 


Cheap, Sleek Tracker

The GPS locator made by eshion is worth buying, if you can find one. In addition to real-time tracking, this water and weather resistant device is equipped with an SOS button, which can be handy in emergencies. To maintain a competitive price, the eshion tracker takes a novel approach to tracking via sound and light. 

Due to this set up, the best way to attach the device to your used Victory motorcycle is under the bike or inside a compartment. That way if a potential thief tries to remove the device it will be exposed to light and alert you. As for the sound detector, this will likely only trigger if the thief manages to start the motorcycle. 

Be sure to take this into consideration as the other security features are somewhat limited.


High-End GPS Locator

The RGT90 from AES is bulky, has a monthly fee attached, and is expensive at $180. That said, the first three months are free. So if you consider the RGT90 as an investment and get past the inflated price, there are several worthwhile perks that come with the expense.

  • Magnetic case
  • Mounts to motorcycle in seconds thanks to the well-designed case
  • Battery charge lasts 90 days
  • USB chargeable
  • Updates location every 30 seconds
  • Goes into sleep mode if inactive for five minutes
  • Tracking data is available via smartphone, computer, tablet, or even SMS messages
  • Stores a history log

Furthermore, the RGT90 utilizes satellite and cellular network towers to track its location. As a result, the device is capable of relaying its location, even in remote areas. Which means if it is equipped to your used Kawasaki, you will likely be able to retrieve it from places police normally do not look.

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