Scooters with a seat, also known as gas powered mopeds, are typically operated by adults. This trend occurs due to the fact that most mopeds go too fast for pre-teens and children to safely operate. Nevertheless, children’s mopeds do exist, and as one can imagine, these cheap scooter models do not go as fast as adult gas powered mopeds. 


Read on to find out which motor scooters are the best mopeds for 10 year olds in 2021.


Razor Pocket Mod Petite


Designed for kids age 7 and up, the Pocket Mod Petite moped from Razor is an ideal scooter for teaching little ones how to drive a powersports machine. A few key features are listed hereafter.


  • Comes with a 100W hub-driven motor
  • Powered by a 12V lead acid battery
  • Features a two-tone vintage style
  • Air-filled 10” tires
  • Weight capacity of 110 lbs
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Ride time is about 40 minutes per charge
  • Gets up to 8 mph
  • Weighs 32.16 lbs


Parents hoping to introduce their kid to the joys of driving with this electric moped may be delighted to learn the asking price of the Pocket Mod Petite scooter is $270.


Razor eScooters For Pre-teens


Unfortunately, the aforementioned scooter with a seat appears to be the only moped on the market that is specifically designed for 10 year olds. Now that we know a bit more about which motor scooter models exist, let’s take a look at a few cheap pre-teen e mopeds from Razor.


Pocket Mod


The Pocket Mod from Razor contains a 24V lead acid battery and a 250W motor. Collectively, these two components generate a max speed of 15 mph. Since this acceleration cap is too fast for 10 year olds to handle, Razor placed an age restriction of 13 years or older on the e moped. Other noteworthy traits are listed below.


  • Max rider weight of 170 lbs
  • 12” wheels
  • 40 minute run time
  • 10 mile range
  • Weighs 50.5 lbs


Asking price for the purple Pocket Mod is currently $300.


Pocket Mod Bellezza 


Weighing in at 76.35 lbs, the Pocket Mod Bellezza is quite a bit beefier than the other kids mopeds from Razor. This extra poundage appears to be related to the inclusion of a 36V lead acid battery and a 500W motor. Other traits are listed hereafter.


  • Max speed of 16 mph
  • Starting price of $650
  • 16” tires


For more information about this e scooter, go here.


MotoTec 24V Electric Moped Purple


Recommended for ages 13 and up, this e moped features a stylish two-tone aesthetic that is associated with vintage scooters. Beyond the exterior of the motor scooter, the kids moped comes with everything pre-teens need to develop their driving skills.


  • Two 12V batteries
  • Under seat storage
  • Rear luggage rack
  • Key start
  • Battery meter
  • Horn
  • Front headlight


In addition, the e moped from MotoTec gets about 15 mph. Since the aforementioned pace is about 5 miles faster than a traditional bicycle the 24V Electric Moped may be an ideal gift for impatient teens. 


But, bear in mind, this e moped cannot be sold in California due to the powersports machine containing cancer causing chemicals.


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