When it comes to driving, being able to see everything around a moped is vital. Taking this into consideration, motor scooter fans equip their rides with moped mirrors. Although these reflective surfaces do not generate a complete 360° view, they do create the vantage points needed to stay safe out on the road.


That said, most side mirrors are designed for motorcycles and e bikes, rather than scooters with a seat. Since these slight design differences can become problematic, moped fans are encouraged to equip their rides with scooter-friendly side mirrors, such as those listed below.


Ball Type Rear View Mirror


ISSYAUTO, an automobile parts dealer, offers side view mirrors that are compatible with all devices equipped with ⅞” handlebars. To achieve this feat, ball type mounts are utilized. In case you are not familiar, this universal mounting device makes it easy for moped enthusiasts to equip the safety gear on their ride. 


After installation, the side mirror stems position the reflective surfaces to roughly helmet height. Moped fans interested in procuring these rear view mirrors can anticipate paying about $16 for the set of mirrors and mounts.


Black Retro Style Side Rearview Mirror


For those interested in side mirrors that sit a bit closer to the handlebars, check out the $13 moped mirror set from XYZCTEM. This discount set includes two 2” wide, nearly 4” long mirrors, universal mounts, and almost 4” stems. Thanks to the aforementioned short bars, the side mirrors are positioned pretty close to the ⅞” handlebars.


8mm Clockwise Black Side Rear View Mirrors


Boasting a literal 360° turn range, the side view mirrors from GOOFIT are in a league of their own. To elaborate, after mounting these 50cc moped mirrors to an 8mm handlebar, motor scooter owners can turn the safety gear all the way around. 


As an added bonus, the mirror portion is about 5 ½” long and 3 ¼” wide. Pricing for this mirror set is $15, and includes two mirrors as well as a GOOFIT keychain.


GY6 Rear View Mirror


GY6 also makes a similar 8mm side view mirror set. However, unlike the GOOFIT package, the GY6 moped mirrors were originally made for a specific Chinese scooter model. Other noteworthy differences are listed below.


  • Weighs only 6.4 ounces
  • Mounts by screwing mirror stem into previously drilled handlebar holes
  • 5.9” long and 3.5” wide


To find out more about this 49cc motor scooter mirror set here.


Skull Skeleton Hand


Moped enthusiasts looking for something a bit more unique may want to check out the Skull Skeleton Hand from ZYHW. These silver side view mirrors feature a skeleton hand that appears to reach up from the handlebar stem to hold the reflective safety gear. 


At the base of the bar is a large, long bolt. Using this, scooter fans can secure the mirrors to a 8mm or 10mm handlebar by threading the stem into a previously drilled hole and fastening the bolt back on after.


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