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Best Moped Helmets in 2022 - Bintelli Powersports

Best Moped Helmets in 2022

With electric scooter ownership increasing each year it should come as no surprise that moped related accidents are on the rise as well. However, what may be a bit shocking is how many of these fender benders result in long-term injuries or fatalities. 


Motor scooter enthusiasts aiming to reduce their odds of having a debilitating gas powered scooter accident may be able to do so by wearing one of the best moped helmets in 2022.


Shoei X-14


When a helmet is worn by professional motorcycle racers, odds are the safety gear in question is worth investing in. One of the best examples of this phenomenon is the X-14. Shoei designed this full-face helmet around the feedback from world class racers, and features a plethora of perks, such as the following.


  • Aerodynamic shape reduces drag and vicariously improves fuel efficiency
  • Ventilation is strategically designed to keep e moped riders comfortable
  • Distortion-free face shield provides up to 99% protection from UV
  • Exterior shell is impact resistant and reduces internal damage transfer
  • Liner is made of multiple densities and layers to maintain circulation as well as comfort
  • Quick release components for emergency situations
  • Certified by the Department of Transportation
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


Pricing for the Shoei X-14 starts at $770, and eleven design styles are available. For more information about this non-cheap gas powered moped helmet, click here.


The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet


Made by Triple Eight, the Certified Sweatsaver Helmet features two, dual density foam plush liners that are capable of addressing sweat in a comfortable manner. Add in the fact that the shell is made of high-impact absorbing EPS foam and it is easy to see why this helmet was approved for bikers, as well as skaters.


That said, the Certified Sweatsaver Helmet may be an ideal solution for e motor scooter fans operating 50cc mopeds that have a top speed of 30 miles per hour or less. To see if this $70 half face helmet is worth investing in, visit the Triple Eight website.




According to the AGV website, the full face moped helmet known as the K6 is designed for racers participating in the MotoGP™. To warrant this level of prestige, AGV equipped the e scooter head gear with the following attributes.


  • Carbon-Aramid fiber shell
  • Five EPS densities and air vents
  • Water-proof, breathable, sweat absorbing liner
  • Protection level is roughly 48% more than legally required
  • Weighs 2.7 lbs
  • Designed to reduce odds of collarbone impact
  • Anti-fog and -scratch face shield creates a horizontal, 190° view range
  • Cheek pad safety release
  • Can be worn with glasses


In addition, this helmet can be worn by those riding e scooters for adults if they do not mind the $500 price tag or the P65 warning. For those unfamiliar, this label is issued when a product is capable of exposing consumers to chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.


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