Zipping around Charleston on a motor scooter or new moped is a cost-efficient way to travel. These devices use small amounts of fuel, can be acquired cheaply, and offer riders supreme dexterity. Which really comes in handy when you are running late.

That said, saving a bunch of money by switching to an electric or gas moped scooter is worth celebrating. After all, the purchase is a wise financial decision and these days those are hard to come by.

Now, the next step is deciding how to go about acknowledging the strategic move. Although this can be done in many ways, why not soup up your fabulous vehicle with the following accessories? Bintelli Powersports offers a ton of moped accessories at 2137 Savannah Highway… be sure to stop by!


Trunk Space

When you search “moped for sale” online, you are likely going to find a few gasoline scooters with some type of storage compartment. However, odds are even if you buy a gas scooter with seat there will still not be enough room, even if you find one for sale in Charleston, South Carolina.

That’s where the Yescom Tail Box comes in. This 30L case can be mounted to the back of your new moped and can be detached, although you may not want to. The Tail Box comes with a key which reduces the odds of theft. 

Oh, and in case you are not familiar with how much you can fit into a 30L container, picture a box with your helmet nestled inside. The Tail Box closes without issue and there is still a bit of room leftover for other things.



Having bugs slam into your face at a high speed is no fun. To prevent this, equip your motor moped with a clear plastic shield, such as the Gy6. This easy-to-install windshield can be mounted onto your 50 scooter in about 7 minutes.

Reports state the device is capable of withstanding speeds of 60mph. Which means the Gy6 can hold up in most high-speed situations, even in nasty weather. The windshield does wonders in regards to reducing wind chill and wetness caused by rain.

In addition, by cutting wind resistance via a curved shield, air molecules tend to move out of the way faster. As a result, riders experience less drag and better fuel consumption rates.


Playful LED Lights

Making yourself visible is a top priority when riding around at night. So do so in style! Let the world know you are here by equipping your rocket 50, adly scooter, or any other motor scooter model with LED lights!

This twelve piece kit comes with a remote, lights, and the tools needed to make your ride shine in the dark. Drivers can use the wireless remote to change the LED colors on the fly to effortlessly adapt the moped’s appearance to look good in various environments and lighting.

That said, it does take about 30 minutes to install the LEDs. However, most of that time will be spent trying to decide where to put the lights!

So, what are you waiting for? 

Treat yourself to some of the best moped accessories 2020 has to offer.

For more information or to set up a moped demo, contact Bintelli Powersports at (843) 405-8366. If you are looking for a 49cc or 150cc moped or scooter for sale, be sure to stop by Bintelli’s showroom located in West Ashley! 

Bintelli’s Charleston Moped Dealership services Charleston, West Ashley, John’s Island, James Island, Sullivan’s Island, Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, North Charleston, Hanahan, Ladson, Summerville, and the rest of South Carolina!

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