Although child atvs and kids all terrain vehicles are popular, little ones are not the only four wheeler riders out there. Matter of fact, quite a few savvy hunters use 125cc 4 wheelers or even atv 110ccs. At first glance, this may seem counterintuitive considering atvs, such as atv 125ccs, can be so loud they scare away potential prey. 

However, if you plan ahead, a four wheelers can be your most valuable tool when hunting. Be sure to visit Bintelli Powersports at 2137 Savannah Highway in Charleston for all of your ATV needs!


ATV Hunting Tips

When seeking out prey, you need to conceal your presence. To do so, a firm elimination of noise, scent, and visibility is required. Most succeed in achieving this with camouflage, an area to stake out in, and edibles that can be consumed discreetly. 

That said, since about 1970 hunters have adapted the concealment rules for atv use. For example, four wheelers featuring a camo pattern are easy to hide from prey. Those unable to find a camo atv for sale typically purchase a tarp with the design and cover up their 4 wheeler. If you plan on doing this too, be sure to remember where you parked it.

As for noise and scent, things have changed quite a lot in the last fifty years, especially in the atv industry. These days, hunters can purchase electric quads which produce little to no smell compared to gas powered four wheelers. In addition, they make less noise too. 

Thanks to these advances, hunters can covertly arrive on scene, use said stealth to their advantage, and return without having to waste any meat or leave anything behind. 


Check Out These ATVs

All terrain vehicles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Due to this, it is important to do a bit of research prior to purchasing a new or used quad. So, if you are thinking about grabbing up that 125cc 4 wheeler you saw for sale online, make sure it suits your hunting needs, such as the ones listed below.


Ranger EV

Manufactured by Polaris, this atv borders the line between golf cart and four wheeler. Yet despite its looks, the vehicle can be a valiant aid while hunting. For example, in addition to quietly maneuvering about on various terrains, the Ranger EV is electric and can handle 1,000 lbs loads like a champ. 


Honda FourTrax Rincon

Ever heard of an atv having a 675cc engine? How about a liquid cooled four wheeler? If you have not heard of them, you are in for a treat. Although this atv from Honda is a gas powered four wheeler, the vehicle is definitely premium quality and has a lot to offer under the hood. 

And as an added bonus, it is available in camo pattern.



With a range of 200 miles on a single charge, this atv from Daymak Inc. is definitely worth checking out. This delightful rig sports the camouflage pattern, as well as a usb and 110V outlet. Which is great when you need to charge your phone or flashlight out in the woods. Add in the plush backrest and it is easy to see why the Best AWD atv is ideal for hunters everywhere.

For more information or to set up an ATV demo, contact Bintelli Powersports at (843) 405-8366. If you are looking for a kids or adult ATV for sale, be sure to stop by Bintelli’s atv showroom located in West Ashley! 

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