In case you have not heard, all terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles can be used as snow plows. Furthermore, this novel concept has aided countless individuals with speeding up the seasonal maintenance task compared to manually shoveling. That said, the aforementioned methods are not the only way to complete the annual chore.


Why Snowblowers Are Better Than Snow Plows


With ATV snow plows, the attached blade and lever harness the power of the four wheeler motor to push heaps of snow from one place to another. Although this is sufficient, the blade tends to push snow into previously cleared areas. As a result, 4 x 4 owners end up having to go over the same areas multiple times. 


Nevertheless, at least the snow is moveable during the aforementioned scenario. If the powdery material is given a chance to solidified, the frozen water becomes virtually impossible to move. To remedy this annoying issue, snowblowers were invented. 


Unlike single blade snow plows, snowblowers have teeth or claws connected to a rotating column. When in motion, the ridged extensions essentially scratch away the surface of stubborn snow piles, thus breaking down the icy substance into smaller bits. From there, this debris is violently thrusted away via a curved ventilation system. 


Thanks to this configuration, snowblowers drastically cut down the duration of time it takes to remove snow from a walkway, driveway, or other location. In conclusion, most ATV snowblowers, such as the ones below, are better than snow plows due to efficiency.


Quadivator Snowblower


With a 50″ clearing, this ATV snowblower effortlessly removes over 4-foot wide sections of snow while it moves along. As a result, the four wheeler attachment can effortlessly clear a driveway in two passes, or most walkways in one. To power this awesome device, the UTV snowblower manufacturer equipped the four wheeler attachment with its own 18.5 horsepower engine.


Add in a maneuverable snow chute and it is easy to see why this 375 lbs device is worth buying.


Bercomac ATV Snowblower


Unlike the Quadivator in the section above, the snowblowers from Bercomac are available in three different models. Although a large quantity does not imply great quality, the variety offered by the snowblower manufacturer does improve customer satisfaction across the board.


For example, the Bercomac ATV Snowblower base model features an intake that is exactly 4-feet, or 48” wide. If this is too small, ATV and UTV owners can pay about $1,300 more to procure a 56” model. Or, four wheeler enthusiasts can go all out and spend an additional $1,600 to get a 56” ATV snowblower with the premium features listed below.


  • 22 HP Honda engine
  • Headlight kit to work past winter’s early sunset
  • Snow drift cutters
  • Battery support kit
  • Wiring for a second energy capsule


The remaining features of the premium ATV snowblower, as listed below, are also included in the lower end models.


  • Universal ATV/UTV mount
  • Maintenance-free gearbox
  • Reliable, long-lasting Type B belt system
  • Electric deflector adjustor, snow chute rotation, and lift
  • Emergency shutdown


For more information, check out the Bercomac website here.


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