Transporting an UTV or ATV is an integral aspect of four wheeling abroad. Unfortunately, being able to haul a hefty four wheeler around can be problematic without an ATV ramp. In case you are not familiar, these handy devices are designed to make transporting an all terrain vehicle a bit easier. To determine which ATV ramp is best for your unique transportation needs, read on.


Cheap ATV Ramp


On average, four wheelers weigh less than 1,000 lbs. Therefore, any cheap ATV ramp that exceeds this weight requirement is worth looking into, such as the two-pack four wheeler ramp from Titan. These aluminum plate top ramps have a combined capacity of 1,500 lbs, and the following traits.


  • Weigh 16.5 lbs each
  • Come with heavy duty loading straps
  • Three rubber tip finger grips


To further sweeten the deal, Titan offers each 2 pack for $135.


Folding Four Wheeler Ramp


Capable of supporting up to 750 lbs, the ATV ramp from Goplus is a mere $86. However, since the width of each ramp is 11.5 inches, UTV fans must use two of these devices to load a four wheeler into a truck bed. Taking this into consideration, the price for this 7.5 foot long, folding ATV ramp is actually closer to $172.


Tri-Fold UTV Ramp


Those hoping to procure a ramp that is capable of handling all ATV and UTV sizes should check out the tri-fold UTV ramp from Yutrax. This heavy-duty, 78 inch long ramp folds out to a total width of 50 inches, which is about the size of a tailgate. After the ATV is loaded into the truck bed, the product can be folded down to 17.5 inches. Other traits are below.


  • Weighs 32 lbs
  • Rubber tabs generate extra grip and prevent scratching
  • Comes with 1-year warranty and adjustable safety straps
  • Welded hinges and joints


As an added bonus, the tri-fold UTV ramp from Yutrax can support up to 1,750 lbs.


Bi-Fold ATV Ramp


If money is not a determining factor, check out the bi-fold ATV ramp from Black Widow. When unfolded, this $335 device extends to 7’ 11” long and 50” wide. As impressive as that is, Black Widow took things one step further by designing the product to fold down to 5’ by 25”. Thanks to this unique attribute, the Black Widow ATV ramp is both the largest, and the smallest on our list. 


Additional noteworthy traits are down below.


  • Comes with two adjustable safety straps
  • Rubber fingers for extra grip
  • Can support up to 1,500 lbs
  • Weighs 49 lbs


That said, this ATV ramp is comprised of serrated, aluminum rungs that are about four inches apart. Since these gaps can be problematic for loading devices with smaller wheels, UTV fans may prefer to grab a punch plate ramp from Black Widow instead. Prices for these brand specific ramps range from $205 to $401.


Be sure to take this into consideration while shopping online for cheap ATV ramps.


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