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Best ATV Destinations in the USA

The United States of America is chocked full of fun, UTV-themed attractions and exhilarating trails. As a result, people often have trouble deciding where to go on their ATV-themed vacation. Four wheeler fans that would like to streamline this portion of the vacay planning process may be able to do so by reading on as we highlight the best ATV destinations in the USA. 


The Owens River Gorge Trail


All terrain vehicle enthusiasts interested in visiting every awesome 4 wheeler spot on the west coast of the United States of America are encouraged to check out the Owens River Gorge Trail. Located in California, this utility terrain vehicle path is an out-and-back trail that makes it possible for UTVers to enjoy the area around the Mammoth Lakes in under an hour.


For more information about this lesser known, 2.3-mile, four wheeler destination, click here.


Sidewinder ATV Training Tour – Guided ATV Training


Budding four wheeler fans hoping to get properly introduced to ATVing may want to visit the Sidewinder ATV Training Tour – Guided ATV Training in Arizona. As the name implies, this utility terrain vehicle destination takes place on a course called the Sidewinder, and the package deal includes on-the-trail training.


That said, the Sidewinder ATV Training Tour lasts for about 1-hour, and pricing starts at $51.


ATV Tours at Nellis Dunes from Las Vegas


Another side-by-side area UTV fans may want to check out the Nellis Dunes in Las Vegas. Dubbed the “ATV Tours at Nellis Dunes from Las Vegas”, this 10,000 acre area of sand dunes is utilized to teach new riders the ins-and-outs of all terrain vehicle riding, as well as provide expert drivers with an unusual, terrain-related challenge. 


Pricing for this hot, albeit unique, ATV adventure starts at $200.


Wilds Of Alaska Classic ATV Adventure


When deciding where to go on vacation, citizens in the United States of America typically prefer to go somewhere warm. But despite this avoidance of cold weather, the UTV destination known as the Wilds of Alaska Classic ATV Adventure has gained popularity in recent years. 


And although this phenomenon can be attributed to a variety of reasons, debatably the main driving force are the perks. To elaborate, this chilly, utility terrain vehicle destination provides ATVers with a lovely, Alaska-based experience consisting of the following.


  • Picked up from Healy hotel
  • Ride along a 3-hour trail 
  • Journey deep into the woods on a cheap used all terrain vehicle
  • Able to park on-demand to photograph wildlife
  • Rest at predefined locations to capture images of photogenic areas, such as the Black Diamond Peak, Alaskan Range and wilderness
  • Drive on various terrain, such as coal mining trails and tundras
  • Cheap used Polaris all terrain vehicle rentals are available


Utility terrain vehicle enthusiasts aiming to visit this exciting, ATV destination can anticipate paying about $120 to do so. For more information about the Wilds Of Alaska Classic ATV Adventure, click here.


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