Buying a 110 four wheeler without doing a bit of research first is a disservice to you, and your wallet. Nevertheless, this happens all too often. There are so many listings for atv 110ccs, kids 50cc quads, and 125 four wheelers online that it can be overwhelming for shoppers. 

As a result, all too many atv enthusiasts are buying overpriced mini quad 49ccs, 110 4 wheelers, and other varieties on impulse. To make matters even more dire, the price tag often reflects greed, rather than quality parts being used in those ‘kids atv near me’ search results.

Fortunately, there is a way to filter out some of these duds, even if you are buying an adult atv.


Shopping By Brand

Identifying how fast you want a gas powered four wheeler for kids to go will help you figure out which atv engine is best. A good rule of thumb to double check the CCs, or cubic centimeters. The higher they are, the faster the gas powered 4 wheeler goes.

Utilizing this information, you can narrow down the plethora of listings returned for a ‘mini four wheeler gas’ search. However, as we mentioned above this method can still include ‘dud’ ads, even if you include ‘50cc mini quad’ and ‘best kids atv’ at the end or your search request.

That said, one of the best ways to isolate which ‘kids atv for sale near me’ or ‘adult atv for sale’ is worth looking into, double check the brand. Here are a few of our favorites.


Yamaha Raptor 700R ATV

Superb style, comfort, and quality can make any 125cc quad bike seem good. What sets the Raptor apart is Yamaha’s ability to go above and beyond what any kids gas quad or most adult atvs can produce. 

In addition to a 686cc liquid cooled engine, this atv has trail inspired suspension capable of “leveling out” bumps, as well as loads of futuristic tech, such as GPS, built-in. These tech perks can be used to keep your little ones safe, or even reduce the odds of getting lost in the woods. 

Which can be well-worth the $8,700 asking price.


Honda TRC420 Fourtrax

Readers in the market for kids gas quads with a smaller engine can count on this 420cc model from Honda. The atv manufacturer developed this 4 wheeler to endure year round weather conditions and almost anything a rider can imagine doing with it. Thanks to this level of endurance, the Fourtrax is a great option for those seeking four wheelers for 12 year olds.


Polaris Outlaw 50

To-date, Polaris is the best brand available when it comes to offering a wide variety of atvs, including child four wheelers with smaller engine sizes. Of those high-quality models, the Outlaw 50 is the best childs 4 wheeler. 

In addition to the low asking price of $2,200, this childrens 4 wheeler has the following perks:

  • Speed limiter
  • 49cc engine
  • Small size
  • Ideal for ages 6 and up

Needless to say, the Outlaw 50 is the ideal four wheelers for 10 year olds and younger if you prefer to buy cheap four wheelers for kids in Charleston, South Carolina.

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