Replacing tires on an all terrain vehicle can be a time-consuming process. First, UTV fans need to determine which type of tire is needed. Then, ATV enthusiasts have to compare prices and factor in shipping expenses before finally getting around to actually adding the new wheels to a used UTV. To help speed up the process of shopping online for “best ATV tires near me” or “cheap all terrain vehicle tires made in the USA” we composed the following UTV tire guide.


Trailblazing and Mudding


UTV fans in need of high-quality wheels for trail and mud related activities should check out Kenda Bear Claw K299 ATV tires. These lightweight wheels feature deep treads which are designed to grip uneven terrain and generate enough traction to pull an all terrain vehicle out of deep, swampy mud. 


The tubeless, 6 ply ATV tires are also puncture resistant and approved by the Department of Transportation, or DOT. Due to this, the Kenda Bear Claw K299 ATV tires can be used on the road if necessary. Four wheeler fans hoping to procure a set of four 24” Kenda Bear Claw K299 ATV tires can anticipate paying about $330 plus shipping and handling.


ATV Tires For Pavement


UTV fans that do not indulge in mudding often may want to consider buying a set of Carlisle All Trail® tires. According to Carlisle, All Trail® ATV tires are designed to ride on hard surfaces of various conditions. This feat is achieved via super wide wheels that feature tightly knitted tread capable of withstanding loads of external pressures and temperatures.


Starting price for All Trail® is $80 per wheel, and every tire appears to be made in the USA.


Cheap ATV Wheels


Four wheeler fans on a tight budget may want to check out the ATV tires from Sun.F. These UTV wheels are thin, but of decent quality, and a set can be bought for less than $275. Other noteworthy features are listed below.


  • 25” tires
  • Fit 12” rims
  • Tubeless
  • Tread is well-suitable for driving on rock, dirt, sand, and shallow mud pits
  • 6 ply puncture resistant construction


As an added bonus, these cheap UTV tires can be procured with free shipping on Amazon.


Highest Puncture Resistance


One of the biggest drawbacks thick, wide tires have is an increased chance of running over something sharp. To address this annoying and common issue, four wheeler fans can purchase high-quality UTV wheels, such as Maxxis Carnivore Radial ATV tires. These all terrain vehicle wheels are designed to withstand random debris punctures, and come with the following.


  • 8 ply construction
  • 10” wide
  • 0.71” tread depth
  • DOT approved
  • Great traction
  • Super tough
  • Offers a smooth ride on the road


Thanks to the super strong, reinforced design, Maxxis Carnivore Radial ATV wheels tend to be capable of withstanding quite a lot without showing much wear and tear. But, bear in mind, a set of these high-quality 28” ATV tires is roughly $852.


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