Since the new year, novel concepts and groundbreaking developments have occurred in the moped industry. To do these updates justice, we identified which motor scooters best showcase the delightful 2020 improvements and compiled the following list. Read on to find out more.


2020 Honda PCX

At $3,700, the 2020 Honda PCX can be considered a cheap 150cc scooter. However, do not let the price tag fool you. This thin, sporty moped is easily one of the best devices on the market to-date thanks to the following attributes. 

  • Decent amount of storage space
  • Liquid cooled 149cc engine
  • 13 horsepower
  • Visually appealing LED lighting.

Needless to say, considering the price, it is easy to see why the PCX made the cut.


2020 Vespa Elettrica

Readers interested in owning an electric moped may be happy with the latest Vespa model. This eco-friendly device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, 4 kilowatt motor, and an official 62 miles per charge guarantee. Which is pretty awesome! 

However, it does take about 4-hours to charge. That said, if you can look past this drawback, the Elettrica does somewhat balance out the excessive charge time with the following technological advancements.

  • USB charger
  • LED lights
  • Remote start
  • 4.3-inch digital dashboard
  • Journey stats, and smartphone connectivity for navigation
  • Can go in reverse

As an added bonus, the Elettrica is equipped with KERS, or Kinetic Energy Recovery System. This feature reduces the amount of energy lost in stop and go traffic by transferring energy back into the battery while decelerating. 


Honda SH 125i

Another Honda that made our list is the SH 125i. This novel moped is packed full of useful features, such as a liquid cooled engine equipped with an efficient fuel saving system and a Stop Start feature. Other noteworthy additions include a full, built-in windshield, as well as ample storage space located both on, and under the seat.

Those interested in buying this gas scooter can anticipate paying roughly $4,110.


2020 Piaggio Beverly 350 Tourer

A list featuring the best mopeds of 2020 would not be complete without mentioning the Beverly. This gas motor scooter is one of the most sleek looking moped motorcycles on the market and can easily be considered a luxury adult moped. 

Diamond rimmed black tires highlight the new moped’s sleek trim and plush “interior” to create a sly, yet aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

To finish off the sophisticated look, Piaggio added a smoked windshield. Although the equipment is not considered full sized, the device does make the ride a bit more comfortable. That said, the new moped is equipped with a 333cc engine and includes the following tech.

  • Bluetooth
  • Trip status
  • Engine updates
  • ABS braking
  • Moped finder
  • LCD display
  • Seat lock
  • ASR control system

Needless to say, if you have an extra $6,600 lying around, the Beverly 350 is definitely worthy of being owned. Be sure to take this into consideration when buying a new moped in Charleston, South Carolina this year.

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