Buying a four wheeler related gift for an ATV owner is a tricky endeavor littered with guesswork. To make the task a bit easier, savvy gifters implement a wide range of tactics to ensure their gift is actually needed. Stealthy individuals sneak a peek at what their friends have already bought. Charismatic shoppers, on the other hand, tend to just ask the giftee in an undetectable way. 


But despite these well-known techniques, not everyone is able to achieve their gift investigation goals. To aid these hopeful individuals we created the following guide. Read on to discover a few lesser known, yet pretty awesome, gift ideas for ATV owners.


All Terrain Vehicle Jump Starter


Being in the middle of nowhere when an ATV battery dies is terrifying. Be sure your favorite ATVer never has to endure the aforementioned experience by gifting them a UTV jump starter, such as the NOCO Boost Plus GB40. This compact unit is arguably the best in the market thanks to a swift 3-hour recharge time, integrated LED flashlight, and the following features.


  • When fully charged can jump-start an ATV up to 20 times
  • Recharges via USB port
  • Built-in, 110 lumen light has 7 modes, one of which is an SOS beacon
  • Scratch resistant
  • IP65 rating makes the ATV jump starter resistant to water, mud, dust, and other debris


As of typing this, the MSRP of the GB40 is $108.


Utility Terrain Vehicle Tire Repair Kit


Another incident that can leave an ATVer stranded is a flat tire. Four wheeler owners that find themselves in this predicament are often forced to wait for aid or abandon their ATV altogether. Since these solutions can be dangerous, gifters may prefer to bestow a UTV tire repair kit to their favorite ATV owner. 


That said, the best tire repair kit on the market to-date is the Safety Seal KAP30. This $46 kit is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials and comes with a nifty carrying case.


Four Wheeler Wrap


Like it or not, the paint on an all terrain vehicle is going to fade or get damaged at some point in time. Gifters that have noticed this type of cosmetic erosion may want to gift a cheap ATV wrap to the owner of the powersports machine in question.


UTV Seat Belt Sleeve


An additional cheap UTV gift worth giving is four wheeler seat belt sleeves. As the name implies, these plush sheaths slip over the seat belts found in utility terrain vehicles. 4 x 4 owners can use this helpful perk to prevent chafing and other uncomfortable issues associated with wearing the safety gear.


Exhaust Cooker


Eating cold food out on the trail gets old really fast. Taking this into consideration, ATV owners may feel a rush of excitement if they are gifted an exhaust cooker, such as the Muffpot. This sealable gear can be strapped onto the mid-section of almost any exhaust pipe, thus making it possible for ATVers to heat up tasty morsels while trailblazing.


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